Finished leaf page

I decided to finish this page, and although initially I thought i wouldn't add any journal writing, I ended up fling in the whole 2nd page! I like how this worked out, and even more I enjoyed the luxury of creating and just doing what felt right!

Book Journal

Here are some pages of the altered book I made earlier in the year. It was a funny little book in German, all about a family of cats from what a could make out. I tore out some pages, glued some together, and gessoed everything, leaving the cute line drawings. Then I added some collage elements, patterned papers, acrylic paints and stamps for backgrounds, and cardboard tags. It was a lot of fun to make - something very soothing about applying all that gesso! And have really enjoyed having somewhere to record my thoughts of the books I've read.

Book journal

The white stipes on this page was a fat chalk pain pen.  VERY hard to write over.  However I've since learnt from Jane Davenport's class on Supplies Me! that I could have used clear gesso over this element and that would allow me to write over.  I'll try and remember that for next time!

Here are some of the completed pages.  I've used a variety of pens, but generally a plain old ball point pen, or a fine sharpie at a pinch seems to cope best with the painted backgrounds.   


Butterflies in her hands

This is definitely a work in progress - can't wait to learn how to do faces properly... When I've fixed Miss Egg Head I'll post up the Makeover pics!
Starting with some modeling paste I imprinted a butterfly woodcut as a textured background, before adding watercolours, pencil and some pen. Reminds me to look for joy where ever I am, and enjoy each moment.

Leaves of thought

I am not sure if this is finished or not. I would like to add some writing, but am worried that would wreck it. So for now this is it! I used the masking tape texture to inspire the direction of the leaves and then I saw the shape of a tree so I worked that in also. I rather like the effect.

Setting down roots


Day 1: Supplies Me! with Jane Davenport

The textures I choose included some masking tape, old manuscript, the torn edge of a paper bag, tissue paper, and the reverse side of a torn piece of old envelope.

With gesso and one of the painted pages.  Now off to add the finishing touches.   I'll add more later when I have have more thoughts.  So far am finding this process, being enrolled in a class, is motivating me to stop just looking at art, and actually do some!
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