Quick fixes & Proteas

Aimee at Artsyville's List It Tuesday suggested topic this week is:  "quick fixes": stuff you know you need to do (and could do in a flash), but for whatever reason, it remains undone.

My, oh my... what could I put on such a list?

My Quick Fix list:

1.  Clean out the fridge... it really only takes a minute every week... but somehow, maybe because it's never that bad, it gets left, and then another week goes by, and before you know it you have a full blown science experiment happening in the back, and it takes you 30 mins to pull everything out to find out, 'Where IS that smell coming from?"...

2.  Decluttering The kitchen drawers: They are a disaster zone all by themselves... we only moved 10 months ago, how did they get so full of STUFF?

3. Filing The Pile: of papers, bills, and other important paperwork that needs to be kept... but which always seems to start as a "I'll put that away tomorrow"... but which ends up as a 6 month humungous pile of every piece of paper ever  deemed 'important' at some stage

4. Culling the Dead Underwear:   Maybe it's just me, but by the time I break in a bra so that it's all comfy, and fits MY shape... I want to hold onto it at least into the next decade...  even though they start to loose their 'oomph', and I know I really, truly need to say goodbye...and it is such a quick, no-brainer type of job, it's far easier to hold onto the old favourites than go out shopping for new!

5. Looking up online to find the nearest insulation installer... as we head into summer I have recently discovered the ONLY room without ceiling insulation is our main bedroom, what the?? 

Some watercolour sketches I did on my death bed, sick bed, comfy chair, while recuperating yesterday, using photos I took at the Melbourne Zoo for inspiration.  I have it on expert advice ( my mother) that the large flower is a protea and not a native of Australia.

If you missed travelling with us on our recent Marvelous Melbourne Mother Daughter Holiday -  the links are here!

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Day 7 Markets, owls and home!


Markets and owls

The last day of melbourne: a brisk walk in the freezing melbourne spring (12degrees!) and we caught a tram down to the Rose st artist markets. Very, very cute, indie and interesting markets! I restrained myself by getting a teeny tiny owl ( my bag was already stuffed to full!) ( Lauren didn't though!). Then , being freezing, and still coughing with a progressing bronchitis we found a cafe on Brunswick st for a sit down- which naturally required a cappacino, and Belgium waffles with caramelised banana and marscapone! Then disaster struck when we went for a short walk and discovered friends of couture had cardigans on the sales rack! I just had to buy a very cute wool cardi in green, with beading- which makes no sense as here in Queensland we are fast heading into summer! But I figure I'll wear it in the freezer section when grocery shopping!

An afternoon spent with my brother was fun, and then before we knew it we were back at the airport! The flight was fine, though bumpy ( the lady behind me was having kittens at the turbulence, while Lauren thought it was better than the theme park rides!). I don't like flying- nothing about it appeals - I hate taking off, I hate cruising, the food (and the prices!)... And I especially hate landing! Rather miraculous that we fly anywhere really- but Australia is too big so I just have to suck it up, or spend 3 days driving to get anywhere- and yes I hate car trips almost as much as flying!
But I digress ... We land safely (Much to the woman's behind me delight), and we are home safe, followed by copious amounts of tea, and the sharing of hugs and gifts!
Sharing with Sunday sketches! It's lovely to travel, but its also so nice to come home! ;-)

Thanks to everyone for coming along - your comments were one of the highlights!

If you missed parts of trip the links are here!

Day 1 Marvelous Melbourne Mother Daughter Holiday 2012
Day 2 Arcades and alleys
Day 3 Things overheard
Day 4 The Zoo and pairs!
Day 5 Greek Speaking dogs, illness & Movies
Day 6 Trams and starbucks
Day 7 Markets, owls and home!


Melbourne markets, trams and Starbucks

Our second last day...
A morning spent in queen Victoria markets, loved the deli section; we sampled goats cheese (divine! ), pretzels, prosciutto wraps and chirros. I needed a coffee mid way through and opted for hot Chips as it was freezing! Then a tram ride into the city, a final walk through the lanes, a giggle through the 7 stories of myer, before a quiet hot chocolate at Starbucks. Although we got rained on again at the tram stop, the sun is out now! We have dinner organised to cook in our apartment for my brother who is coming over, and the rest of the afternoon to chill and prepare for our final big day tomorrow!
For PPF ... Some pen and watercolor sketches ... Trams, duck eggs, and carlton sites!


Greek speaking dogs

Day 4 melbourne dawned with me coughing my lungs up. Or so it seemed... So feeling like death warned up I took myself for a stroll past the pretty carlton cottages to the nearest dr. Having sought directions from a sweet little elderly couple near the library (italian? ), i found the drs. The funny greek or Italian receptionist was helpful, and i was thankful to be seen after a short wait. the lovely Italian dr Maria assured me I wasn't dieing, but had bronchitis... So I popped next door to the little chemist to get my armful of drugs! While waiting I exchanged nods with mr paparadpusis ( well something like that! ) and his Greek speaking elderly Maltese dog... My pharmacist was also Italian and I think we were served by a Swedish Amazonian assistant ( she was Very Tall!!). Overall a very culturally satisfying drs experience!
Having ascertained that I needed food, rest, and medicine we did just that: Lauren made me scrambled eggs on toast, I took my pills and puffer, we had a cuppa and a rest, before heading down to the movies, which had the biggest, roomiest seats Ever!! anyway, Mental is a quintessential Aussie flick, and Toni collette just cracks me up! But I had to controll my guffaws or I'd break out in a fit of coughing!! We then continued our afternoon tradition of stopping at brunetti's, buying art books at the mega book store ( I do realise I need to carry these home on the plane? ), then the proverbial melbourne experience of standing in the rain for the tram!
Thus ends the day: tea, soup and toast, and watching episodes of offspring and saying "we've been there yesterday!" ... As all filmed just around the corner!!


Pairs of...

Wednesday... And all is quiet. Which is just as well as I've had my shower, in my pj's and all psyched for a easy night watching some show about gypsy weddings with my DD. I really think she is starting to stretch this whole mother and daughter holiday limits ... But I have an emergency bottle of Shiraz!
Today: the Melbourne zoo!! Loved the orangutans and the giraffes! Orangutans are so fun in pairs- such hooligans!!
other things that are best enjoyed in pairs - pastries of course!
linking to artist playhouse :-)


Day 1 melbourne - arcades and alleys

Today we walked, and walked and walked! From the north end of Lygon street down to the lygon st precint we stopped at brunetti's for sublime coffee and pastries, before starting our walk into the city then jumping on a city circle tram down to federation square. We had a self guided walk throu the back street lanes, arcades and cafe culture of melbourne. We stopped awhile in monster threads and bought t'shirts. A second coffee with mini muffins followed - just to keep our strength up! The tram back to the apartment, after buying some supplies, a rest, then another walk through the back streets of carlton. We both love the little cottages...now a rest!
Serendipity - what a fab name for a cottage ... And the iPhone blog app seems to function just fine!!


marvelous Melbourne holiday

The Marvelous Melbourne mother and daughter holiday 2012 starts today!

first page in the sketchbook... more details to follow about what I'm taking for daily, on the go sketching!   And my one carry on bag, carefully packed for 4 seasons of Divine Melbourne exploring, with my handbag...  if you don't want to miss out on the juicy details, make sure you follow along, as I think I am all clued up and technologically prepared for mobile posting, which I hope to do regularly!

Happy Sunday Sketches!!


List it Tuesday topic this week is 'overheard'... and how ideal! Whilst travelling to and around Melbourne I have come across the following treasures which I duely recorded in my trusty sketchbook...

Things overheard...
1. 2 tradies coming out of kebab shop,
" ... Mate, you've got to get rid of that ring tone..."
2. Girl in lane, short black skirt, long black hair,
"... No the other way!...other way...walk straight then..."
3. Business dude, suit and shiny shoes,
"... $25,000... It's a bargain!... Yea..."
4. Two women in coffee shop,
"... Did you hear T. Sold her wedding dress?.."
5. Lady in metallic stretch tights meeting man on street,
"... I've had the WORST day! You wouldn't believe ..."


Melbourne day 2: we walked all the way down Brunswick st to get to Gertrude street. What a disappointment! Both are supposed. To be funky, upbeat, vintage shopping precincts... All we discovered was grunge, most shops don't open till after 11, dodgy, and I swear I saw two drug exchanges taking place! Really felt like the innocent tourist in an episode of mrlbournes underbelly, (I.e. gangsters) or that other cop show Rush.. Ha ha... But we did have really good coffee at a funky organic cafe - our beans were grown by Sanchez in Costa Rica apparently, and as a bonus they had a really nice loo!! After grabbing a tram (my feet were needing a break!) we headed to dockside, cruised the retail, had a el cheapo lunch, then back on a tram... Wherein we decided to stop off at brunetti's to grab a pastry before heading back for a rest. Lygon street is much more beautiful ... Can't get why Brunswick and Gertrude st's make the 'must see' lists!! In Lygon st saw this lady harvesting the cumquats from the trees along the cafe - too cute! And yes I ate that whole lobster tail pastry - just divine!!
Out for dinner tonight - Cambodian :-)

Water, water everywhere!

O.K. Maybe this is cheating a little, but I AM stretched for time as we are about to head off  on our Marvellous Melbourne Mother & Daughter Holiday!  For illustration Friday's weekly theme of Sky, and last weeks one of Water, I thought it might be fun to put some of my paintings together.

As water reflects the sky, it is a two for one kind of deal!   ... they are all different, but I think my favourites are the pastels...

Linking to illustration Friday!

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