Watercolour with mixed media

This first little bit will apply to anyone who lives with a chronic illness - just insert the (name) of yours, and read away! :-)

For anyone who was following my little drama day yesterday, today has been very calm and serene - maybe because it's just too hot for anything else!  My ankle is moving more ( yay!), and maybe I was a little melodramatic concerned - but I really like walking!!  That is the funny thing with living with MS - when people ask you 'how are you doing?' it's really hard to answer because maybe right now you are O.K, ( well you actually have a list of symptoms, but while you are still walking & talking you are all good, right?!)  -  but you know that twinge, dropsy foot, or pain in your head, could be heralding a major attack that puts you in hospital for a fortnight... maybe it's just me but sometimes I just rather go with the melodramatic reality check moment,  put off for another day remember to take my meds, go see the Dr drink a glass of shiraz, and get it all out of my system, and have it be a false alarm!  But maybe that's just me! 
(On another note: I cant find ANY one regularly blogging about living with MS, or even any Artists with MS?  Are there none? Are they all In The Closet? If you are out there - say Hi!!)

It's the 30th of November here - so for us in Australia it is the last day of creative Every Day.
Wow - can't believe we are at the end of November already!  This was a really fun challenge to participate in, I 'met' lots of new, creative people, and got to see lots of new and interesting projects that people are working on!

Watercolour Spash!
Still loving these watercolour play times...  and I really like adding extra lines, colours and doodles with crayon, charcoal, pen, wax... I've even started gluing on bits of lace  too!  I have  added a little bit of shading around the eyes in the little girl above, and extra lines added around the lace ( but I'm not going into the hot studio just now to re-scan so you'll just have to trust me on that!)

My daughter thinks this gal has attitude and that I must have 'modelled' it after her sister... as a 17 year old never has attitude it couldn't possibly be her - right? (wink wink)

Hope all Brisbanite readers stay cool, near a pool or airconditioning- it's hot hey!
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Whats for Breakfast? Watercolour Hibiscus

Funny days
Warning: This post may use the words poo & bum, and cause outright laughter...

What did you have for breakfast? Sometimes my days are very boring, and not much happens.  Other days...

It started yesterday.  During a fab day out Christmas shopping with a girlfriend I developed a sore ankle - which I naturally ignored - never let a foot impediment get in the way of a good Girls Day Out!  Then later that night, exhausted, and with Hubby just getting home at 6.45, and no dinner on the table - I said - well lets just have waffles!  SO there were were at 8.00pm at night having waffles, and cream and maple syrup - for Dinner!! (At least they were sourdough, and have eggs in them... I won't mention the vast quantities of fat in the butter.  or cream. Not if you don't. )

Anyway - My sore ankle? is still sore... this morning I discovered it has a reduced range of motion.  So what? Well after a quick google check - don't you love google - it has ALL the answers!  I have spasticity in that left foot now it seems. Yucky yucky yuck poo bum.  (I DID warn you!)
So what?  Well I have MS (Multiple sclerosis) (If you don't know what that is go and google it.  Try wikipedia.  I'll wait)...

So - this is my First sign of progression since 2006,  I'm not happy 'bout that.  Which means today is now a designated "rest, stay cool, and no stress day"... Right... other than paying the bills, taking the framed art to the shop, returning a broken frame to K-Mart, and the FN (fortnight) grocery shop?  With a heat wave coming.  Well 30 is a heat wave for me...    Hmmm my list of things to do is huge, and now I need to make dr appointments, and think about treatment for spasticity -which means physio, or doing stretches myself, which will still take more time out of my day - groaning melodramatically -
why is life never simple?  

O.K. need to stop thinking about the list. It's making me stressed just thinking about it.  Right then - No lists. They are evil.  (Except when you read other peoples lists on Aimees List it Tuesday :-).

I Breathe. Nice thoughts. watching the birds enjoy the bird bath.  Oh, and see the cat watching them through the window - cute.  But  I know what he wants to do - go outside and eat them.  Don't think about the psycho teenager Alpha Male Cat who wants to go outside and hunt...or the fact that both the cat litter trays really, really do need freshening up... or the cat hair dust bunnies I know are there somewhere if I look... nope not looking.

Instead Look at the pretty flowers in the vege garden...without thinking of the fruit fly that have already stung the tomatoes, which requires a trip to Bunnings to buy fruit fly traps, or netting, or napalm... and definitely don't think about the 28 spotted lady beetle that you know is lurking on your eggplant leaves having a munch...

Thinking about munching...Hmmm getting hungry - time for breakfast.  At least we have bread (it's only just a little stale), and eggs, and milk ( just enough for a coffee).. which I'll surely need if I am to be superwoman and figure out what I can do with the 2 wrinkled apples, and a sad lemon, I can see in the fruit bowl...  Nope can't be bothered with the eggs - there is just enough waffle batter left for 1 more - and THAT's what I had for breakfast!

Thanks to everyone for all your comments!  I look forward to them every morning :-)
Should I mention? Prints available of this gorgeous Gal "Hibiscus Dreaming" (the original is currently on consignment, and is 9 x 12" mixed media on strathmore)...just contact me! And my second commissioned work was just collected by a very happy customer! Thankyou!!

P.S. Mum - I'm FINE!!

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Been there, watercolours

Been there, Done That...

Been there, done that. Mixed media on arche watercolour paper.  8 x 10"

1. Travelled the world ( in my dreams)
2. Born in Darwin, Australia
3. Married - twice
4. Children - 2+ - Yours, mine and 'ours' - done the whole step mother thing. Not Fun.
5. Got my teachers degree, external, whilst also being mum
6. Homeschooled 1 child right through 5 years of highschool ( and 1 to go!)
7. Raised chickens, hatched chicks, watched puppies and kittens grow, kept a vege garden
8. Sourdough Queen - bread, waffles, pancakes, brioche... you name it!
9. Jumped off a creek ledge into a crystal clear, sparkling rainforest pool
10. Said I'd never get another pet. ever. 2 dogs, and 2 cats later... I still mean it! :-)
11. Seen: KISS, Elton John, Billy Joel, U2, Midnight Oil ( Aussie band) in concert

edit: added just now...
A thought about getting it 'right'.  SOMEWHERE today, I was reading someones blog - but for the life of me I can't rememebr who, where, or what (sorry) but the gist of it all was: don't stress the small stuff, don't wait till everything is perfect, ideal, the stars all in allignment, etc... just do it.  Whatever 'it' might be... and in relation to art - don't worry that what you create is not perfect, creative, be free, make a mark, play and experiment.  That is just what I've been doing.. and I've never enjoyed myself more; or been more happy with the results.  Now I KNOW these are not perfect.  But they were not supposed to be.  I know the eyes are wonky, etc etc (I'm not going to list all the perceived faults I see)... but hey - go look at Modigliani's eyes, or Picasso's faces... it really doesn't matter.  
Wonkyness = character.  It speaks of who you, and I, am as an artist.  Our expressive brushmark.  I hope my left side brain is listening to me!
Final thought: Be kind to your art.

Untitled. Mixed media.  slightly larger, shown matted to 8 x 10 in 11 x 14" frame.

Both works available for purchase, contact me for details.

Start of New Watercolour 1st post here

To find out why I started Watercolour Splash - read it here

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Start of new watercolour

letting loose with watercolour...

 half a face because that's all that's finished so far; really liking where this is going.  
It's been on my mind now for weeks - 
watercolour, faces, strong line, collage... 

"From the end spring new beginnings." 

Pliny the Elder

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Waiting for...

O.K. so I've already broken my "only use watercolours"... but that only applied in the sketch book - right? Well that's my story anyways :-)
I figure IF I'm going to break my rules, well guidelines, suggestion... then I might as well go all out.
Oil, acrylic, collage, pencil... not much else I could have added!

I have NO idea where this came from - I am Not pregnant.  I don't know anyone who is expecting either.  Anyways there it is...

(This first pic I added sepia digitally... )

Was thinking this should/ could have some words, but then I couldn't think of any...

Not even sure that I like them now.... maybe I need to stop looking at them!

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pondering with colour

A quiet day
with flowers
what to do?
what to paint?

A simple set-up
a bottle
a glass 
some flowers
maybe a candlestick?

many layers of watery colour
that candle came in handy afterall

Watercolour Splash

Although I came close this morning to giving in and reaching for a coloured pencil, I resisted!

This little watercolour sketch continues my explorations in watercolour in my small sketchbook.  Thinking this will make a nice subject for a larger work?
I Have really enjoyed layering of thin watercolour washes...building colour slowly and thoughtfully
As I don't have any masking fluid... the wax candle was used, just not for inspiration to draw from!

Tip for the day: try allowing one layer to dry ( or use a hairdryer) then add another wash over the top to intensify or modulate the colours.   i.e. green over green makes a darker shade, or red over green, will make a dark, rich green, or a browny shade, etc.  experiment and see what results!

Exciting News yesterday - I sold a painting! yay!!
Dream Sold!
This little girl has been ever so patiently waiting for the right family to go home with at Willow & Fox.   Now prints only available... when I get my act together :-)   Hmmm, now what art supplies do I need?

'Happy' and 'I wish...' have now gone to visit with Willow & Fox too, but if any readers wish to purchase - contact me! ($160 + postage)

A big hello, and a huge thankyou to all the lovely comments I received from last weeks feature post at Paint Party Friday!  Blown away by all your fantastic support :-) It is greatly appreciated. 

A big shout out to Paint Party Friday 

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Teacups and chooks watercolour

Wednesday has come and gone, and although I should have posted yesterday, technical difficulties got in the way.  Who knew camera batteries do indeed need recharging? I discovered this fact when trying to download the photos, so I could upload them, and write this post.  Needless to say I was having a  blond well honey blond,  o.k bottle blond, a senior moment until I figured out why nothing was happening.... so long story short no post yesterday even though I had this sketch all ready to go!

 Juicy watercolours? just spritz with water before starting...

 graphite free - pen sketch to start...

My favourite teacup is this Robert Gordon design, that has a shabby chic mix-up saucer and plate to match...we also had two mugs, but we used them so much they developed chips in the rim... one is now delegated to holding pencils in the studio - so I still get to look at its pretty design.

Would love to re-do this design on better paper, and take more time!

Just for Jennifer at Artist Playroom, where the Theme is..... Turkey Art!  We don't have a huge Turkey following here in Oz... more like a roast chook groove.  I do like my chickens though, and have had several goes at Chicken Raising ( not to be confused with barn raising, although very similar to Bairn* Raising!)

Happy Thanks giving to everyone, and here's a live Chook Sketch - I think she looks very thankful not to be on someones dinner plate! -  to celebrate your day of sharing!

A shout out to everyone visiting from  Whats on your workdesk Wednesday
and a wave to  Creative Every Day 

* bairn is Scottish for a small child

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments, and a big hello to all the lovely folk who are following this blog now :-)  Thank so Much!!


Dreaming of Tuscany

If I were to make a wish list for this Christmas it would include:
Double French doors for my garage, with a view out the studio, oh but that means moving to somewhere picturesque, hmmm maybe the mountains? But then I don't like the cold, so maybe sub tropical, oh but then they get storms, and if I'm making a wish list lets make it worthy, 
so how about a...

farm house in Tuscany with a gorgeous view over fields of lavender

...with a gardener to look after the organic garden and free range chickens, and our house cow

...and an ideally located studio

 Coming back to reality for just one moment - 

my wish list for Christmas is simple: 
great food, family, friends, and relaxing with a great book, with peace and calm, and coolness, while sipping Shiraz from the fridge to the funky jazz softly playing the background...

Watercolour Splash 1

AEDM, (day #20)...As the first start to my self imposed watercolour restriction, I have three quick 'play' sketches.
Flowers seem to be a current theme... It is almost summer after all

don't try to use neocolour II crayons for watercolour wash background on cheap paper

Discoveries so far:
- o.k. first the obvious- watercolour loves water! Pre wetting the paper ( either a little or a lot), then dropping the pure colour on the page, and allowing it to self blend gets great results.
- this requires a certain amount of patience! No fiddling allowed - 
walk away and just let it do its thing!
- although you can use any sketch book, or paper, you really do get better results on 
watercolour paper. 
-I really like adding the loose black lines - sometimes first, sometimes after

These three sketches were in my small cheapy sketchbook... Good enough for experimenting, but when it came to the neocolor II's they wouldn't dissolve into watery colour, it stayed flat.
 Also the pilot V pen which normally runs with water, just wouldn't at all! (see daisys above ) 

Tip: The better the paper the more water you can use! 

To find out why I started Watercolour Splash - read it here

How's everyone going with AEDM? Whew -  visiting as many creative folk as I can!  
Its been great to get my butt brush in action :-)

A big shout out to  Aimee @ List it Tuesday
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Art Intervention Watercolour Spash Challenge!

List of projects to try just seems to grow...


watercolour & gouache 
 encaustic anyone?
oils or acrylic?
painting.... help!!

so... how do I limit myself to just one?
And should I?
Experimentation is fun, and creative, etc... but to develop skill in one area, before moving on, 
 makes more sense, in a developmental and skills building way.

My challenge to myself (and anyone else who needs Art Intervention): Watercolour Splash!

I will try (see, I already have committment issues!) 
between now and Christmas, to ONLY  use watercolour and sketching 
(the two naturally go together anyway)  
In watercolour I am going to include: gouache, and acryllic ink, and watercolour pencils - is that cheating?  (My rules so I can do as I want!)
BUT Only 1 new watercolour tool/supply/ added each week.
(man that's going to be HARD!)

hmmm - wish me luck!

Along the way I hope to share what worked, what didn't, tools, tricks, and things I discover :-)  
To make sure you don't miss out - remember to join the blog here, or like me on FB!


Stormy Days with fruit tarts

A stormy weekend here in usually sunny Bris Vegas 
( otherwise known as Brisbane, Queensland, Australia!)

And faced with a rainy, stormy night, what to do?

I listened and jumped with the dogs at the thunder claps overhead, watched the rain belt down, and we stood outside for a bit and watched the fantastic light show
Then I saw the street lights go out
Did I get out the candles?
Check we have batteries for torches?

No indeed - an artist faced with the impending doom of a
tropical Super Cell ... reaches for paints!

We devoured this first packed of the season Fruit Mince pies yesterday... this was all that was left at 8.05pm, and by 8.07pm there were none left!

I think it might work up into a fun Christmas card?  This is from the iphone pic ( I love my iphone, but really it is garbage for taking good pics unless the lighting is just SO), a test run... will need to scan this for a better quality image - but you get the idea.

contact me to order cards!

Hope all Brisbanite readers are safe and dry!

Need a Chrissy Present? After something unique?
come visit!

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AED 17, topsy turvy

 A topsy turvey day calls for a topsy turvy drawing
a hot muggy night was followed by a thundery and lightening filled storm at 10.30 this morning!
At 11am it was black, and car drivers all had their lights on...
we sat and drank tea, with the first Fruit Mince tart for the year
and watched the rain... then it all finished!
Now its clear, and the birds are singing

inspired this 'lil critter... in brown pencil

with some decorative paper, glue, and a envelope...

voila - a cutsey, topsy, turvey gift card!

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