Three new works

Islands across the bay. Acrylic on canvas. 24 x 36"

This is a larger acrylic I did as part of joining the local art group.    Joining in and being committed to physically being at a set place, at a set time for the purpose of painting was productive as I finished two paintings in 3 weeks.    So far I have learnt to be freer with my brush, approach the canvas with gusto and confidence, and be bold with colour.    My question though is how to find time to paint.  I don't work so that should be easy? right? But by the time you factor in 2 teenagers and homeschooling,  with singing, drama, and flute lessons... and boy my week starts to look rather full!   I'm contemplating just treating 'studio time' like I would if I was working - just say for 2 hours every morning I am 'at work' in the studio and make a commitment to myself to do it.

White teapot. oil on masonite.  20 x 30cm approx.
Blue coffee pot. oil on masonite. 8 x 10"

Three new paintings.  Life has been busy, but I'm still here, and still painting.

One Small painting - Bay View

Bayview. 5 x 7" acrylic.   $55 signed with mat
Boats on the bay. Winters afternoon.  Lots of deep peach clouds, and one small boat.


Waiting for the tide

9" x 12" oil on canvas panel.   Waiting for the tide.

I used my little portable easel yesterday, down at a local inlet.  It has carry slots for two 9" x 12" panels, a palette, and lots of room underneath for paints and brushes.  


Getting back in the groove....

End of week 1 back in the studio, and I have these to show...

A pen and wash sketch from a photo I took last year. Quick, easy and a fun way to get back into creative motion... and to get things rolling I am trying out a few of my art supplies, to try and narrow down if I have a favourite, and I thought the easiest way to do that would be to start small!

5" x 7" - pastel on MiTeints Tex card.   Canelands 1.  $55 signed with mat
A scene so familiar to me - the canefields outside Bundaberg, Queensland.  A simple photo while driving past of a lonely farmhouse. (Although there are no windows or doors - I just double checked!  Maybe they are all on the other side?)

5 " x 7". Watercolour. Elliot Heads.  $55 with mat.

Another very familiar scene from last year - the georgeous river mouth at Elliot Heads, just south of Bundaberg.  ( The camera has washed this out a little)

I have really enjoyed working small.  They take a fraction of the time, I can do them with a small easle at my desk ( thus saving my legs as I can sit down), and it was less intimidating than jumping into something bigger.

Next I have to figure out 1. how to price these teeny gems, and 2. how to make them available for purchase :-)    Followed by an oil and then acryllic.  I am trying to see which medium I prefer... although so far I like them all!

Update 24/8/2012 - pricing done!



Holidays here are almost at an end.  One more day, and then we'll be getting back into the usual school time routine.  And that should mean I will then get some time to be in the studio, be creative, and put some marks done, somewhere! This past week I/we have been creative in other ways, just not the arty kind: baking bread, home cooked meals, sorting the masses of bookshelves, de-cluttering wardrobes and cupboards, organising the office, shopping for art supplies - if that counts as being creative?   Also, lots of dreaming about what I would like to create - so all that to come, or at least start next week!
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