Holiday heat, movies and mess!

What do I accredit my lack of blogging to?

It's now the 22nd of January - three weeks of not blogging, visiting, checking, commenting, and linking.

Instead - holiday mode kicked in BIG time... 

It's been Heat Wave HOT, so lots of movie time, reading, playing board games...

Random Art Journals created, and covered with collage...

Random journal pages created... collage, glue, blue pens, odd colours, thoughts, and scribblings...

Then one night, while doodling, and chatting with a friend around my new art bench ( pics to come!) this little gal arrived too!

We are a week away from getting back into routine with work and school.
But it will be a new routine.
1 off to Uni fulltime
1 back to work - and starting uni part-time
1 left at home with me - last four years of highschool
and me 
Although I've tried to plan the year, months, next week, today  - I've decided...

Sometimes the nicest things happen when you just chill out and relax...
(As I have little idea what day of the week it is, I am still to figure out who I'll link with!)


Life, studio, art & stuff

Happy New Year!

A new year
A studio sort out, clean out, de-clutter, and re-organise
A time to reflect on the past
To set goals for the future
To take walks by the water

 To brave the after Christmas sales
To eat copious amounts of food
To share good times with family and friends
To get creamed at board games

To sleep in
To stay up late
To watch fireworks

A new Year!

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