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 For all those who have asked - here is the pdf version
PDF Download here:

ipad ebook version is here:
The Bay ebook

 I wrote about my book, and why I wrote it, and what I believe about education...

And as a gift back to everyone who ever shared their time and resources with me, it is free.  If anyone gets anything out of my humble book, and feels they would like to, a donation would be humbly accepted.   :-)

Mixed Media Collage

Here are two images that are free for you to use in your own artwork, journal or collage.  I'm currently playing around with the first collage sheet - I'll let you know what the end result is! 

Just click to go to google docs, then File & download.  You won't need a google account :-)

Vintage Lace 1

Collage page 1

The collage page has: the 'A' page from a old illustrated french dictionary,  an illustration from an old Oliver Twist book, a transport tag, a recycled library book tag, and part of one of my altered pages to fill in the empty corner.

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