Art Classes

Want a beginner, online, self paced art class?
Suitable for ages 5 - 99?
Covering line, shading, shape, texture, shadow, proportions, abstraction, + more?
Including a weekly picture study of some of the great masters?
Looking for something for yourself, your homeschoolers, or your student who wants to do more art?
No fuss, no sillies, just art basics with a little fun arty exploration!

Then join in!

Class details:
* currently open for self study.  That means all the 8 weeks of lessons are visible and ready from when you first log in.  You may contact me at any time for questions, advice etc via email, and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP.
* Each week has a skills lesson, a Fun Art, and a Picture Study
* Most weeks have 3 or more videos of me demonstrating the lesson, plus easy to understand notes.  (Many families found that each week could be taken over two weeks as there is a lot of content!)
* Flickr group for the art class members to post your art!
* each lesson is multi-aged, and can be done at any level!

an example of student work from 1st live class
Materials needed:
* whatever you have! :-)
* a watercolour paper (Mont Marte is fine)
* Regular sketch book, white paper, etc
* water soluble textas
* drawing pencils, colour pencils, small paint brush
* IF YOU have no paints at all: the Faber Castell watercolour set is good value for beginners

The first live class ( run early 2012) was a smashing success and all the students had a fab time, and grew so much in their skills and confidence!

Previous Student comments:

"I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed doing the classes, thank you."

"Looking forward to hearing when the next course starts"

"My kids loved doing your art class!"

One students lovely teddy bear drawing - demonstrating texture!


If you have ANY questions please contact me, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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