I have moved!  Finally, after much technical learning, I have created a new studio web presence.
You can find me here from now on:
Bright Wings of Summer Art Studio

Come and visit me there!
Thanks - Linda


Untitled Response

Untitled. Image copyright L. Richardson, 2011
Why this?  The chapter title that I had left to see is 'Heartache'.  She's not happy, and she's not sad, but she has lived life.  Essentially an image spoke to me, and I drew my response to her.  I drew her for my mum, and for her mum, and for the Aunty's in my heritage who have lived a life of heartache I'll never know.   I have a richness of Australian heritage, that I wanted to share, and express that in some way encompassed some of our family's stories from the depression era and the Stolen Generation.  Amazing stories of courage and love and yes hurt and pain too.

Mixed media ( pastel, pencil, acrylic, over mixed media)

Portraits by Steve McCurry

Portraits by Steve McCurry -

Love this book. Fabulous photography, locations, and faces.

New Beginnings

As the end of the year draws closer, and Christmas is yet again just around the corner, I have a unique opportunity to re-evaluate my life.  Moving to a new city will do that for you.  Having to find new places to shop, schools, starting a new job, finding new music teachers, making new friends, learning to use public transport in a busy city.  Oh, and selling and then finding and buying and moving into a new house.   And did I mention this will all happen right over Christmas? Lots of things ahead in the future.  Leaving behind the known and secure, to  be challenged by the unknown is a little scary.  But the possibilities for the future are exciting.

I hope to share more of my art process in coming weeks and months.  For even amongst the chaos that I know is coming - I will always have an iphone to upload photos and text, a laptop to internet connection, and a basket full of arty goodness beside me, so I can always grab a pencil and a piece of paper!

enjoy a day filled with laughter and colour!


Pastel Pencil

A quick pencil sketch one night, taken from a old photo of myself as a toddler, was then coloured using pastel pencil.   The location is a park in Perth, Western Australia, and was sometime in 1969.  The native flowers around me are called Kangaroo Paws, because they look remarkably like, yes you guessed it - the paws of kangaroos.    I love the soft quality pastel allows.


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