New Beginnings

As the end of the year draws closer, and Christmas is yet again just around the corner, I have a unique opportunity to re-evaluate my life.  Moving to a new city will do that for you.  Having to find new places to shop, schools, starting a new job, finding new music teachers, making new friends, learning to use public transport in a busy city.  Oh, and selling and then finding and buying and moving into a new house.   And did I mention this will all happen right over Christmas? Lots of things ahead in the future.  Leaving behind the known and secure, to  be challenged by the unknown is a little scary.  But the possibilities for the future are exciting.

I hope to share more of my art process in coming weeks and months.  For even amongst the chaos that I know is coming - I will always have an iphone to upload photos and text, a laptop to internet connection, and a basket full of arty goodness beside me, so I can always grab a pencil and a piece of paper!

enjoy a day filled with laughter and colour!

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