Untitled Response

Untitled. Image copyright L. Richardson, 2011
Why this?  The chapter title that I had left to see is 'Heartache'.  She's not happy, and she's not sad, but she has lived life.  Essentially an image spoke to me, and I drew my response to her.  I drew her for my mum, and for her mum, and for the Aunty's in my heritage who have lived a life of heartache I'll never know.   I have a richness of Australian heritage, that I wanted to share, and express that in some way encompassed some of our family's stories from the depression era and the Stolen Generation.  Amazing stories of courage and love and yes hurt and pain too.

Mixed media ( pastel, pencil, acrylic, over mixed media)


  1. I like this very much, especially after knowing what inspired you to do this particular drawing of a young woman.

  2. I like this drawing very much, especially when I know what has inspired you. Keep up the inspiration & the drawings will follow.

  3. A lovely piece that shows the struggles that life presents but also shows the peace found in knowing yourself.


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