things i've learned about blogs

Well here I am.  Getting all set up with a brand new / old web space, that should hopefully allow me to do lots of interesting things, without taking time away from the studio.

I was here before ( on blogger, on this very blog) then went away to squarespace for a while... but technical issues, and the cost, has brought me back.  I'm thankful now I left it set-up - I've only tweaked it a little.

Technical things I have learned in the process:
- Research doesn't always tell you everything you need to know - unless you know the right questions to ask. 
- Things change
- keep things simple
- blogs take more time than you think

All the posts here under todays date appeared originally on my squarespace blog.  I have not re-created dates posted... but they were over a number of months from approximately November 2011 - March 2012.  I didn't bother with random posts - but picked the 'best of'  - because I could.

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