random, quirky, vintage books

I bought these books at various Op Shops, and book sales over the past couple of years.    Most I bought because of the bright and quirky covers and artwork, and I just love the cover illustrations of this edition of Peter Pan.  I usually started off buying a book thinking it would be a good one to alter - because of the paper, or nice feel, or quirky little drawings.  But along the way I fell in love with them.   Most have a story to tell behind it, of where I found it, or why it appeals, or if I've read it or why I want to read it, someday.  

There is one ( 9th from the bottom) titled, " An Episode of Sparrows", which has a lot of meaning for us as at the time my husband was waging a most humorous battle against the sparrows that kept eating our chicken feed!   Now I keep it for those memories.  I could always alter it inside and leave the outside title, so I reserve that option, but at the moment it is safely nestled among this quirky little stack of random vintage books.  Mind you, I have a quite a collection of random, quirky, vintage books that are of negligable value, really.  I have found a few rare editions along the way, but mostly I just have a growing colleciton of classics, or historical fiction, or old History texts that mean nothing to most people these days.    But they mean a lot to me.   I also know I have instilled a love of old books in particular in my own girls, as when we go to a book sale the first table they check out is the "Old & Antique" books, looking for; G.A. Henty, or early edition Alice & Wonderland, or Poe, or the Australian Billabong series by Mary Grant Bruce.

Such is the life of a lover of books - they make lovely displays, they can be read and re-read, handled and looked through, organised and catalogued (one day!), or even altered and re-purposed into a new life!  But for now I'll enjoy just admiring this stack, and maybe someday soon I'll find another random, quirky, vintage book to add to the top of the pile!
Do you also love books or altering books? Please share!

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