Finding Center - starting with a art journal

Finding Centre. Mixed Media. ( pencil, paper, oil on canvas)

Mostly finished, this is a project I started last night as part of an art class I am doing.  It is really hard to photograph, so this photo is a fair representation.   I am unsure how bold to be with the lines... I was so timid with the four or five lines coming off the face, that they barely showed, then I strengthened them... but I didn't want them to overpower the face.    Oh, and yes, the eyes are different colours on purpose!  The lines, and the slight off kilter positioning is on purpose - maybe I should have made that more stated, but I will leave it overnight and re-consider tomorrow...

So - how does this work really relate to art journalling?   That's where it all started.

I started creating art in my art journal.  I wanted the freedom of self expression without expectations - other than my own.   I use my art journal as a journal of artistic attempts, sketches, try-outs, ideas, colour play, line and gesture drawing.  Occassionally I get a little reflective and throw in some words too, and make a 'finished' page.  But not always.  Not even often.  But that's what I love about everything to do with Art Journals.  There is no one way.  And they can be used for so many purposes.    Mixing it up, altering books, playing.   It's all good stuff.

(Oh, and by the way, I think I could become addicted to paint sticks.  Sooooo easy to use & creamy, even if I am a little messy with them!)


  1. I think this portrait is truly , truly, truly - I don't what word I'm looking for. I like it a lot!

  2. thanks so much! I like it too - I really must get out a 'real' camera (other than my iphone) tomorrow and post a better pic - this photo really does not show the lovely colour plays happening :-)


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