Pastel loves watercolour

A further step along my road of exploring pastels, watercolours and faces. (Can't really call them portraits as entirely from my imagination at present!

A pencil sketch was painted with clear gesso ( pastel primer).  When dry I used water colour on the face.  Then I added pastel to the background, which I then painted over with a wet paintbrush - the pure pigment turns into the loveliest watercolour!  When dry I went over with layers of pastel ( stick and pencil form) to highlight details.  I really like the effects!  I think in a journal or altered book a little, light spray of fixative would be O.K....


  1. Linda, she's lovely. Thanks for sharing with us at AB site.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  2. Hi Coleen - thanks and I'm glad you dropped by! linda


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