Portrait one liners

 Picasso of course excelled at one liners - deceptively simple drawings using one continuous line.  I've done a few of these in recent weeks, and thought I'd share the latest editions to the family

Trying to capture the essence of the person and their emotion in one single line is challenging.  It requires a distillation process of choosing the most important line and angle to reflect that which is crucial to that point in time.  Simplifying to a single black line on white... maybe that's why I like doing these so much.


  1. I did this for a while - it is a really neat exercise. I understand it much more than the blind contour drawings that so many folks do. Anyway, I think they came out really nice - visually pleasing in their simplicity.

  2. I love them! The lines are so strong and clean .. No hesitation at all. Well done! nancy

  3. Hi Dan & Nancy - thanks for dropping by and leaving such lovely comments! :-)


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