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I love to sit down with my journal and just be inspired by whatever comes along.  Without pressure to achieve anything.   I've made a real effort this week to keep a space on my art desk desk, where the journal can sit, open and ready, with all my basic supplies within arms reach.

I was inspired to create these two pages in my journal the other night from a red gum leaf my husband brought home from school.

I love the freedom art journaling offers.    I maintain a 'it doesn't matter' approach to this side of being creative - there are plenty of other areas I work hard at, so when it comes to creative play I make sure it stays playful!  But I am often amazed by the results.  I love the end results of these two.

Current inspiration sources: colour, leaves, flowers.

What do you use for inspiration?  What gets your creative juices really flowing?


  1. Your right it's the lack of pressure that makes art journals so wonderful. I've used books, art groups, blog prompts and lately the alphabet to keep me creative.

  2. I like the abstract feel you created, sketchbooks & jouranls make good places to experiment and play.

  3. I love your journal pages! I recently started to tear cut images/text from my newspapers and glue them in my journal to get me started

  4. I haven't done an art journal in a long time ..... Maybe I should start another one! nancy

  5. Hi Nancy, Cathy, Suzanne & Mary! thanks for great comments! Suzanne - newspapers are good and so are old magazines to cut up. Nancy - yes do start! :-)


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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