life drawing sketches with graphite, week 2

My second week of attending the local life drawing class...  Although I wasn't feeling the best, I am glad I made the effort to go.  Firstly cause I soon felt better :-) Secondly as I got a chance to talk a little more with fellow drawees, and started picking up some of their tips!  Lastly cause I think I can see some tiny improvements...

part of  a standing 5 min pose

10 min pose

15 min pose

20 min pose

15 min pose - the last one of the morning

I have really enjoyed the challenge of life drawing.  It is a open class, meaning no teacher, but there are several others there who have the experience, and willingness, to offer tips and advice - which is welcomed!

In the studio this week: currently in progress are the mail art pieces - ready to be finished and posted this weekend, and I finished this painting (which I've written about here), but it still very wet!  I think we need a good few dry days, but was humid and wet again today with light rain, so I don't think that's helping the painting, even though its great for the fruit trees!

Otherwise nothing else as it's otherwise been a busy week: I joined the gym and have been each day to try and build some momentum, had coffee out with a friend, did the big fortnightly grocery shopping, my daughter returned from a 10 day school trip to Vanuatu, and the usual chores! Where has the week gone!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous, painterly weekend :-)


  1. you look like you are getting a lot out of life class... the 10 minute pose is my favourite... but they are all really great this week...xx

  2. Hi Tracey - thanks! I like bits from each - if only I could put all those bits together into one - lol!

  3. Nice job!! You had a busy week, but thankfully you found time for these lovely pieces!! Thanks for sharing!! Grocery shopping is always seems to be a bigger ordeal than we like it to be!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Hi Giggles! :-) Your extravagant use of !! is very !! to read!! Grocery shopping is one of my daughters favourite things to do - I think its because she loves to help choose - but that usually means we spend more! I try and do fortnightly shopping, but we always run out of something mid week, no matter how much I plan ahead :-P

  5. It is a very long time since I did life drawing classes - but i remember it was quite a challenge and very rewarding. That last seated nude is my favourite. I like the painting too - very expressive. You might like to share your more orange work on Mandarin Orange Monday in the future:)

    1. Hi Lorik - thanks for dropping by! I'll be sure to check out your site - sounds intriguing!

  6. Great life class.
    Laso great painting... great mood!

  7. Quite a leap from your normal paintings. Hard to do- haven't done any life drawings yet. Happy PPF.

  8. Loving your sketches from the life drawing class. Loving your beautiful work in progress. Happy PPF, Annette x

  9. It is gratifying and difficult to draw the human body's natural, I liked your sketches and artwork as well. Greetings.

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments! :-) Hope you all are having a relaxing weekend!

  11. These sketches are all fabulous... i love the 15 min one. Amazing how beautiful something can be with only a few minutes of drawing. Wonderful work! Keep drawing!! xox

  12. Hi Pauline - thanks! :-) And I've just been to visit you - fab post!

  13. Lovely landscape!
    The contrasts and tints are brilliant!

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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