List it Tuesday topic this week is 'overheard'... and how ideal! Whilst travelling to and around Melbourne I have come across the following treasures which I duely recorded in my trusty sketchbook...

Things overheard...
1. 2 tradies coming out of kebab shop,
" ... Mate, you've got to get rid of that ring tone..."
2. Girl in lane, short black skirt, long black hair,
"... No the other way!...other way...walk straight then..."
3. Business dude, suit and shiny shoes,
"... $25,000... It's a bargain!... Yea..."
4. Two women in coffee shop,
"... Did you hear T. Sold her wedding dress?.."
5. Lady in metallic stretch tights meeting man on street,
"... I've had the WORST day! You wouldn't believe ..."


Melbourne day 2: we walked all the way down Brunswick st to get to Gertrude street. What a disappointment! Both are supposed. To be funky, upbeat, vintage shopping precincts... All we discovered was grunge, most shops don't open till after 11, dodgy, and I swear I saw two drug exchanges taking place! Really felt like the innocent tourist in an episode of mrlbournes underbelly, (I.e. gangsters) or that other cop show Rush.. Ha ha... But we did have really good coffee at a funky organic cafe - our beans were grown by Sanchez in Costa Rica apparently, and as a bonus they had a really nice loo!! After grabbing a tram (my feet were needing a break!) we headed to dockside, cruised the retail, had a el cheapo lunch, then back on a tram... Wherein we decided to stop off at brunetti's to grab a pastry before heading back for a rest. Lygon street is much more beautiful ... Can't get why Brunswick and Gertrude st's make the 'must see' lists!! In Lygon st saw this lady harvesting the cumquats from the trees along the cafe - too cute! And yes I ate that whole lobster tail pastry - just divine!!
Out for dinner tonight - Cambodian :-)


  1. I love Lygon Street but Gertrude has never impressed me... glad you are making the most of the scrummy food and pastries though... one of my favourite parts of melbourne...xx

  2. You'll get fat !
    But I guess all that walking will negate that.

  3. Great list and I LOVE your photos! I feel like I've been on a little trip this morning...and had a divine breakfast!

  4. Oh, Melbourne is one of the places I'd love to go! (I really want to go to Australia. At some point.) The pics are lovely. And I love lobster tails!

    Mate, you've gotta get rid of that ring tone cracked me up.

  5. oh i want to taste those yummies!

  6. these are awesome! i want to know what the $25K bargain was!

  7. thank you for this tour and your fun list! And metallic stretch tight -- think I must go out and get me a pair!

  8. hope you had a nice time, out and about in Melbourne. And you're back home safe! lol {:-Deb

  9. Love the 2 for 1...a list and some wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Great list! And I'm hungry now (in the states lobster tails are only seafood, but we do have pastries called bear claws!)

  11. I too, among the commenters, feel as though I've flown thousands of miles and am walking beside you LInda.

    Great list/thanks for the fun/read in your bio you're a fellow librarian and mother. Right on!

    I also liked your comment "life is an ongoing journey to be enjoyed."

    I use the tagline "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Creativity" for my blog. That's my Texan way to expressing what you wrote about life as an ongoing journey.

    See you at Artsyville!




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