Quick fixes & Proteas

Aimee at Artsyville's List It Tuesday suggested topic this week is:  "quick fixes": stuff you know you need to do (and could do in a flash), but for whatever reason, it remains undone.

My, oh my... what could I put on such a list?

My Quick Fix list:

1.  Clean out the fridge... it really only takes a minute every week... but somehow, maybe because it's never that bad, it gets left, and then another week goes by, and before you know it you have a full blown science experiment happening in the back, and it takes you 30 mins to pull everything out to find out, 'Where IS that smell coming from?"...

2.  Decluttering The kitchen drawers: They are a disaster zone all by themselves... we only moved 10 months ago, how did they get so full of STUFF?

3. Filing The Pile: of papers, bills, and other important paperwork that needs to be kept... but which always seems to start as a "I'll put that away tomorrow"... but which ends up as a 6 month humungous pile of every piece of paper ever  deemed 'important' at some stage

4. Culling the Dead Underwear:   Maybe it's just me, but by the time I break in a bra so that it's all comfy, and fits MY shape... I want to hold onto it at least into the next decade...  even though they start to loose their 'oomph', and I know I really, truly need to say goodbye...and it is such a quick, no-brainer type of job, it's far easier to hold onto the old favourites than go out shopping for new!

5. Looking up online to find the nearest insulation installer... as we head into summer I have recently discovered the ONLY room without ceiling insulation is our main bedroom, what the?? 

Some watercolour sketches I did on my death bed, sick bed, comfy chair, while recuperating yesterday, using photos I took at the Melbourne Zoo for inspiration.  I have it on expert advice ( my mother) that the large flower is a protea and not a native of Australia.

If you missed travelling with us on our recent Marvelous Melbourne Mother Daughter Holiday -  the links are here!

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  1. Wonderful flowers! I don't envy you your list at all. :)

  2. Love your list...none of them sound quick : ) or at least they wouldn't be for me! Have an awesome Tuesday!

  3. Interesting list. Ugh, I hate the dreaded paper pile. Mine has expired coupons and things I think I may someday use in mixed media. I love your flowers.

  4. Thanks for the promotion to flower expert :)
    Love your flowers, delightful.

  5. Can relate to all your "quick fixes" that never seem to happen. especially shopping for a new bra.
    Not so "quick" but totally frustrating so keep putting it off.

  6. love the list... the bra thing is soooo true... but boy do I hate the paper pile... it drives me to crazy which means I need a cup of tea to face it, then end up doing something else... every single day... hopeless... xx

  7. hope you waited to get home, before you got sick! I have the same problem with underwear. The hooks aren't working 100% but I still hold on to that bra, because it was so comfortable. But if it doesn't stay hooked, why wear it in the first place! {:-Deb

  8. Comfy chair that's better haha great list Happy List It Tuesday!

  9. Ha, all of those items on your quick fix list are things that I need to do... and never do. :)

  10. Hi Linda: I admire the fineness of your art. The 3 people under the umbrellas is absolutely stellar. I studied it and studied it. Masterful and unimaginably impossible for me to figure out how one could achieve such brilliance in their creativity!!! You have a beautifully soft and sweet hand in your art...I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and looking at the art...I loved how you kept changing the sideground of one of the pieces and LOVE the mix of the blue and greens! The owl is SO beautiful. OMG I could go on...your style melts my heart! p.s. Thank you for your suggestions re my food allergies/addictions. That was very kind and thoughtful of you to help me that way on your post last week. Kisses, Samara

  11. I love your protea! It is actually native to South Africa - it our national flower. I do not live in SA anymore, so it warmed my heart all the more to see it here:-)


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