Apples, Travel Art Kit, and sunsets

"It is remarkable how closely the history of the apple tree 
is connected with that of man."
Henry David Thoreau

Wherever we go we plant a fruit tree, and I love that.  A walk through the garden this afternoon, and I stopped to admire our apples.  Considering this tree was planted in Bundaberg 2 years ago, then transplanted and spent 6 months in a pot, and was only planted in the ground this July - I think it's doing remarkably well!  Covered in cute little Tropical apples, we are just waiting for them to grow bigger and ripen.

My Peerless Watercolour Palette... This is what I used on my recent travels to sketch while on the move.  I essentially followed the instructions using this youtube clip, but I used the whole width of the card, and wrote the name of the colour lightly in pencil.  I also have a second page by adding a 'flap' of watercolour paper into the middle using the washi tape.    As a lucky accident it was the perfect size for my small watercolour landscape moleskin journal, and it tucked beautifully inside ready for travel!

So - my travel kit, that I used on the Marvelous Melbourne Holiday...
of course I sketched it too...

What I used:
1 small, cute kitten pencil case ( the cute kitten part is optional)
1 small, landscape watercolour Moleskin journal
pilot V pen (runs with water which I like to add a little more atmosphere to sketches)
Artist Pitt pen, medium, black
prismacolour pencil, in a earthy red
Charcoal pencil
2 aquabrushes
copic marker, medium
mechanical pencil
My Peerless Watercolour Palette
A bit of eraser
A small piece of flannel cloth ( not pictured, used to clean brushes, dab up excess etc)
A small watercolour set - optional, but I like to take it

This was pretty perfect set-up.  Most days I took with me in my handbag  the journal, a pencil or pen, the watercolour palette, and an aqua brush - so easy for a quick sketch at the cafe!  When we got back to the apartment,  I did a little journalling or sketching from photos I'd taken that day, or what I could see around me.  If I was going to change anything I would leave out one of the black markers, but otherwise I'm really happy with this set-up. 

Artist Playroom challenge this week is Sunsets!   One of my favourite things - Sunsets here in sunny Queensland, Australia are often rather spectacular... so I can't help but share a few photos...

And how fortunate for me, I already had this work in progress!   Acrylic taken from the view from our local bay, at sunset, 
with the reflections on the water...

Wishing you all a colourful, sunsetty, applely kind of day! :-)


  1. Visiting from the APR - Beautiful photos, I especially love the reflection on the car. Fab shot! Your own sunset is fabulous and warm and the shadows are wonderful :0)

  2. love the travel kit and the sunset is beautiful I like to travel light too, and always have mine with me,

  3. Your travel kit is awesome. Mine is a bit larger...but I'm more of a mixed media/collage kind of gal. lol

  4. so gorgeous!!! that's a wonderful kit for ready-set-going for sure. loving the photos and the painting and the whole spectrum of colour!!

  5. wow! so many pretty things going on here! love the painting there at the end - sort of dreamy! and in your photos - i really like the reflection shot in the car windows!

  6. lots of awesome things here... the sunsets look amazing... maybe I need to head out and see them more often... maybe as summer is here and we are in the pool I might see some... and love the travel kit set up... xx

  7. I too shared some sunset photos - it's hard to not want to take pictures of such a gorgeous happening, right? I love the creativity of the sunset reflecting on the car - great capture. And a sunset painting too? Beautiful.

  8. Your travel kit is great with everything you need to keep track of the sites and make your own memories in your moleskin. Love the really gorgeous sunset photos and your reflections in your painting are so expressive.

  9. not only did I get a painting of a sunset and sunset photos but your moleskine art is a rainbow of sunset colors. Great going and using a theme to it's fullest!

  10. Your travel kit is excellent. Love all the sunsets and your painting is beautiful.


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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