Teacups and chooks watercolour

Wednesday has come and gone, and although I should have posted yesterday, technical difficulties got in the way.  Who knew camera batteries do indeed need recharging? I discovered this fact when trying to download the photos, so I could upload them, and write this post.  Needless to say I was having a  blond well honey blond,  o.k bottle blond, a senior moment until I figured out why nothing was happening.... so long story short no post yesterday even though I had this sketch all ready to go!

 Juicy watercolours? just spritz with water before starting...

 graphite free - pen sketch to start...

My favourite teacup is this Robert Gordon design, that has a shabby chic mix-up saucer and plate to match...we also had two mugs, but we used them so much they developed chips in the rim... one is now delegated to holding pencils in the studio - so I still get to look at its pretty design.

Would love to re-do this design on better paper, and take more time!

Just for Jennifer at Artist Playroom, where the Theme is..... Turkey Art!  We don't have a huge Turkey following here in Oz... more like a roast chook groove.  I do like my chickens though, and have had several goes at Chicken Raising ( not to be confused with barn raising, although very similar to Bairn* Raising!)

Happy Thanks giving to everyone, and here's a live Chook Sketch - I think she looks very thankful not to be on someones dinner plate! -  to celebrate your day of sharing!

A shout out to everyone visiting from  Whats on your workdesk Wednesday
and a wave to  Creative Every Day 

* bairn is Scottish for a small child

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments, and a big hello to all the lovely folk who are following this blog now :-)  Thank so Much!!


  1. Ha ha, great minds think alike, we both did chooks. Must be an Aussie thing. I love your teacup, the flowers are gorgeous.
    Have a great week.
    Von #44 woyww and Apr.

  2. I love it and I loved the juicy watercolor bit!!!!

  3. Lovely paintings! Happy WOYWW! Nan 93

  4. that;s a happy looking chicken. Great painting. Thanks for entering.

  5. Sweet and charming teacup! Thanks for sharing! patsy

  6. Good morning, I'm a day late but am trying to pop on by and say hi to everyone this week! That's a lovely sweet watercolour, thanks for sharing!

  7. Well I'm visiting from two corners...both the WOYWW gang and the Artist Playroom so a double whammy! ;D
    The chicken is great. I think he's probably thinking 'thank goodness I'm not a turkey'!
    I love the tea cup but then I'm a tea addict. The flowers and colours look so delicate.
    I enjoyed my visit ~ thanks! :D

  8. Visiting from WOYWW. Camera problem is my sort of thing. But have to be known to forget to recharge the spare and not understand why that wont work either. Love the cup it is very pretty, as is the chook.
    Tricia #74

  9. You are a true artist. They should make recharge battery that charge themselves when they get low. lol #130

  10. Happy belated WOYWW. Such a pretty teacup and the chook looks very happy. Ali x #19

  11. Visiting from the APR - Love the chook, she looks well happy :0)) MO

  12. Great chicken, I used to keep ducks, rather more messy. Francesca #66

  13. Sweet, happy chicken! And I love the teacup! :)

  14. seriously late getting to this post... weird that I missed it actually... but boy do I love your tea cup... Robert Gordon makes fab stuff ... and the chook sketch is awesome too...xx


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