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So - what have I been doing while its been so hot?
Glad you asked!

I created a book.

It is essentially 5 of my bay art works, with prose and poetry, and some suggestions for use with children including picture study.

But it is more than that too.  It embodies in essence my philosophy of education: which has been largely influenced by Charlotte Mason.  In brief I believe a great education places a high level of importance on the liberal arts, the value of the child as a person, and the importance for all to be exposed to the finer arts of music, poetry, art, great literature, and nature study.  For the time to be taken to allow education as a process to slow down.   To allow children the space to be, and breathe. To encourage a book to be read slowly, each word savoured, remembered, treasured.  For great art to be viewed with focus, copied, and admired.  For poems to be read aloud, memorised and recited.  For great music to be played to nourish the soul.  For observations about nature to be careful, considered, recorded, and thought about.  I guess I advocate for what I would call Slow Education.

It is not a book to be flicked through in 20 seconds.  Although you could - being that it is only 20 pages,  including the fore pages, and index.

It is a book designed to be read slowly.  A poem savoured slowly, thoughtfully.  A picture viewed over the course of a day, a week.    Not because there is anything profound or great in what I've created.  But just because the very act of slowing down, and considering our surroundings with care and thought is much needed I believe in our High Tech, superfast world today.

But even more than that:  For it to be a stepping stone for further thought, reflection, writing and art.

How do I see it being used? By teachers with a class or small groups over the course of several weeks.  Read by a mother with her children.   Maybe enjoyed by a creative soul, and used as a springboard to generate new ideas...   There is by intention lots of white space.  Space for your own, and their, words, thoughts and imaginings...

edit 7.12.12:   For all those who have asked - here is the pdf version
PDF Download here:
Click on above for link to download book, The Bay,  for free.
And as a gift back to everyone who ever shared their time and resources with me, it is free.  If anyone gets anything out of my humble book, and feels they would like to, a donation would be humbly accepted.

Note: Australian spelling is used. I consider this book an ongoing work in progress.  I have loose plans for how I could write this up as a teachers resource.  I may even add extra pages if I do any more artwork from the bay.  I just don't know. yet.

Note about downloading: once you click the buy now it will send you a email with the link.  The instructions tell you,  you need to open this link on your ipad, and it will download for you to open using your ipad using ibook.   I didn't realise this until just now.  hmmm might look if there is a better way?

Please share a link to let others know who you think might be interested!

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As always your lovely comments are also welcomed!
xo L.


  1. This is a wonderful idea... and I look forward to reading your words and seeing your images... xx

  2. I love Charlotte Mason's ideas. I downloaded the book to my pc but can't open it. I wonder if you could make it available in a pdf file?


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