Sunday snaps, and play time

It is so nice to be home after our trip away.  I still have some pics to sort out and upload to share... but I got busy ( already) on other projects so they will be forthcoming shortly :-)

Play time this morning... with a very quiet and empty house, Charlie (the cat) and myself had a play with an ipad app and created this vignette of the re-modeled studio - which I spent all yesterday afternoon working on.   As a continued work in progress I am increasingly happy with the layout, and function of this space... some further touches required!

I received a great bunch of native Australian flowers as a gift... I love the banksia's, and foilage, as when they dry they retain their form, and colours, and are great inspiration to sketch from.  Unfortunately I have no idea what type of plant this is - although I suspect it is a species of Banksia, but I cannot be sure...

This one I did this morning,  being shared for Sunday Sketches...

(Ink tense pencil, water colour, and some pencil touches).

Beautiful weather here today, blue skies, lightest soft breeze, and warm sun... cool enough for a cardi, and  appreciate a hot mocha... without being freezing!  Just love Brisbane's fine warm winter days!

How did you spend your Sunday?


  1. LOve the look of your studio, sigh I have to work in my dining room. Luckily I dont have to clear up too much as people are quite happy to eat off their laps in front of the TV! Love your sketch, the background is gorgeous.

  2. your studio looks great! I love the painting too, especially the way the leaves are so natural looking. very good!

  3. your flower painting is just beautiful, so soft!

  4. It is fun to get your studio just the way you like it. Yours looks great.

    Don't you love inktense pencils? You can get such a wonderful look with them as you did today. So soft and pretty.

  5. Gorgeous watercolor...love the background. Sounds like you enjoyed a lovely day. It's hot here in Texas, so I'm headed for a nearby park with my kayaks this afternoon. (My favorite thing to do on the weekends!) Your studio is great. I'm new to the IPad and I must say I am having a great time exploring all those amazing apps. I'm wondering which one you used for the vignette.

  6. Looks like a great work space...love seeing how others work. Your painting is lovely and loose, I particularly like the run backs...so often not liked by some!, their loss, I like them and am always pleased when I get them in my work ツ

    1. Hi Ann - I for one love the 'back runs'... it is afterall a natural aspect of how the colours/ pigments interact with water and each other! I went to a watercolour workshop last year and the (very elderly) isntructor was all for them too! :-)

  7. Gorgeous...like you could reach out and touch the texture. Love the blue background too.

  8. Beautiful painting, love your style!

  9. Your illustration is lovely. Thank you for sharing with us. :)


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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