Recycled Messanger Satchel

I made this messanger satchel over the weekend using recycled materials.  Basically it is the cut-off's from a pair of white wide legged jeans, paired together and stitched just above the cut edge, with the jean hem as the top.  Then I frayed the cut edge a little.  Next I hand stitched the two pieces together along the side with a whip stich using variegated embroidery thread.  Thinking it looked a little plain I used the same embroidery thread to hand stitch on some vintage lace.  The strap was made from long ties on a white cotton dress that were long enough to tie into a bow.  This has now three large sections to put my phone, keys, purse, sunglasses, etc... and being white I can see inside so easily.  

This was very easy to do... might even make another!

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