Starting a New Art Journal


This is the start of a new art journal for me.  I actually have a bunch of brand new, hardbound art journals, but have a 'white page' phobia  - so I find it more comfortable to make a small signature, one at a time.  A signature is 4 or 5 pages, folded, and then stitched together.  16 pages to fill is not so daunting for a new beginner ( like me).  It is also a comfortable place to experiment, and not feel intimidated that I might make a mistake, and 'ruin' my new book.   I like to put down acrylic paint straight from the tube, and mix it on the paper using a plastic scrapper ( or credit card) , and blending that way to quickly cover a large area.

The front cover is the blue 'What's Going on Here?" which I have started stamping... I was inspired by the title of the text, which I left unpainted.  Actually this page was all about earthquakes and tsunamis!

There is also a collection of some pages ready for another signature to be made.  You can see the variety of pages I am using - basically anything that I find.  Here I have taken apart an old 1950's geography book, and a univeristy accomodation brochure.  By carefully cutting the threads of the signatures, or opening the staples, you can remove the double pages to slip straight into your own.  I then prime with gesso over most or all of the writing, and/or any pictures, but you can see in mine I have opted to leave a lot of the line drawings.

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  1. Hi! Just came over from EDM group, thanks for posting there (11-30-12). I've been meandering around your blog and really enjoying your posts and art. I knew what "bairn" meant (cute pun), but "chooks" was a new term to me. I just love the WWW for getting to know other places, cultures, art. I don't have a blog, but so admire those who are brave enough to jump "out there" with their lives. Keep up the good work, I will be back to visit soon. Linda B. from Oklahoma, USA


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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