Gum leaves

I love picking up dropped gum leaves.  Not only are they quintessentially Australian, in both look, feel, sound effect (when you walk on them and they 'crunch'), and the smell of the eucalyptus - they also make such interesting subjects to draw or to study.    This is the 2nd page of my mixed media journal.  After a background of acrylic was laid down, I added the elaves over the top using water colour pencil.  I actually cheated here a little and traced three different leaves, sometimes reversing the leaves to get a different perspective.   Then using the pencile I shaded, and I was particularly trying to continue the transparency effect of the different layers showing through.  It is square, and it is hard to fit all the image into a picture format.  The support is re-cycled heavy duty brown wrapping paper.

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  1. love your gum leaves & your description of them.
    mum xx


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