Music in her hair

Music in her hair. (28x30cm) Collage, watercolour, and acrylic on heavy brown paper.
The painting on the top was not quite finished, but I wanted to see what it looked like photographed.    The one on the bottom is finished.  I started by playing around with some torn pages from an old church hymnal, and gluing a few torn pieces haphazardly onto a pre-prepared page.  Then I found a couple of other small papers to add interest.  Next I penciled in a rough girl shape, and with the music theme still on my mind, and because I seem to have devoted so many hours over past weeks with my daughters music, I thought of the phrase, 'music in her hair', and wondered what the torn pieces of music flowing as if hair would look like.  This is the result.  I will probably add some distressing ink, and then glue on the words.

You know, overall, I am pleased with the result.  Sure there are things I would change, I know I need to work on my faces, and I think if I had the eyes focusing on something, the effect would be better... but this was a completely unplanned, and off the cuff.  I think I'll probably do another.

In my attempts to do a little art every day I am forcing myself to focus, to experiment; and int he process I am learning something new everytime I pick up a paint brush, pencil, or glue something down.

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