altered pages for a swap

I can't believe it is Friday already!  It has been a super busy week with the family: homeschooling sorting  
and checking; dropping teens to work; buying new musical instruments; finances to sort through; dogs to pat and walk; who have I forgot? Oh yeah and Husbands to care for!  Whew!  No time for much else this week...  although I did finish a set of altered pages for a swap I am participating in...
There are ten of these altered book pages on their way to America right now - probably somewhere in a plane over the Pacific as I write.  They were all created on the pages of a 1960's german text on child care, with cat pages from another old german book on cats, with collage added from a chinese newspaper I picked up this week... adding some acrylic, watersoluable crayons, stencilling, gesso, pen, and black ink to distress.   When done two at a time these were really fun to do, and  I could have added even more doodling, but I was running against the clock to get these in the mail :-)  As someone once said, easy peasy!

Enjoy and Love your comments!

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