Bounty from the garden

I went out to the garden early this morning ( Well actually 1.11.2011), and discovered a basketful of produce to harvest: sweet potatoe, capsicums, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, carrots, parsley, celery, mint, kohlrabi, and some asian cabbage.  But to look at the garden , at first glance, it looked rather bare, as I have not visited much lately, or done any new planting for summer as we are selling our house and the new people may not even want a large vege garden.   It pays to look a little closer, and to look slowly!   I feel sad to think I'll be leaving this behind... but it is easy to start a new garden - and I know within a short season it will be producing just this this one did.  Unfortunately the three little peaches you see will be it this year - the dreaded fruit fly got the LOT!  I think we have had a handful that did not get stung.  But that was my fault as being so involved with house renovating, selling the house, and of course being in the studio - the garden was very neglected over spring - right at the time I needed to be setting out baits, netting or bagging, and spraying. 

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