You know when...

When do you KNOW you are an artist? When do you front up just admit it?  What do you say when people ask you what you do?    In having to make a few erands this afternoon, I fully intended on changing out of my paint stained clothes before I left home ( old 3/4 camo cotton pants, and a getting old, don't care if it gets paint splattered white T'shirt).  But then was completely distracted by questions raised about what we needed, etc, and it was only AFTER already visiting 3 stores, that I glanced down and realised - yep I was still in my old, arty clothes.   Who knows what people thought - camo painterly pants, havianas on my feet, crochet hippy style cross shoulder purse... and I decided, as I really still needed to buy some groceries - that I didn't care.
I think, at that moment, I took one more step closer to realising a dream.
That and buying 1litre of titanium white!
Enjoy who you are, today.  I did.

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