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Journal page - Go with the Flow - A play moment today resulted in this Art Journal page.  Watercolour, acrylic, gesso, collage, neo colour water crayons - lots of drippy fun! 

I generally start art journal pages with no intention of content.  But just start playing with line or colour; adding details as they come to mind.  I made the circles using a spagetti measurer - it is a handy thing to have on my art desk in my 'tools' pencil pot.  But for all that unintentional play - the end result and the words are just so true of where I am at; going with the flow is really the only way I can keep on top of things when life is just super busy!  It is certainly less stressful than worrying about anything!
I love this about Art Journalling.  You can be as creative as you like.  Intentional or not. Colourful or not. Lots of writing or none. Faces or stick figures. Deep and meaningful or just for fun.  Regardless of whatever you put of yourself into a journal you get back something back - even if it is just a few minutes spent doodling to de-stress and Play.
What I used: Mont Marte 150gsm journal (very cheap), and the paper is great for dry media like pencils.  If you want to add wet like watercolour or watercolour pencils you will need to gesso first ( as I did here) and then it is fine.  Watercolours, collage elements: sewing pattern tissue paper, black pen, silver gel pen, neocolour II crayon, gesso, tapestry  canvas, a small brayer, cheap acrylic paint, alphabet stamp and archival black ink.

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