After four solid days of admin, creating, printing, typing, packaging etc of my art and prints for the new store display... I took time last night to create this page.

I started with 2 scrappy bits of old pattern paper, and a half painted page as I was going over the top of an experiment of materials page.   Then without any planning I more or less did the following:
put down a splodge of black gesso, becuase it is more fluid than I am used to I had extra, so I scumbled it over the rest of the spread; watercolour pencils ( Inktense), and crayons (Neocolour II), chalk pen, and ink with stamps.  The lacey pattern was created using the saved backing paper from some black lacey paper tape I used in the packaging of my prints, and a black ink stamp.  I like the effect it created, and I always use  both sides!  The bold stamps to create HARD - I used the reverse side as well - one side with the silver letters, then overstamped using the squared outline side in black.

Playing Hard?  To me, at the moment - giving it my all, not worrying about the mess, finding the joy each moment, validating the creativity in many different areas of my life!
How about you?

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