Art Desk set-up

On the hunt for the perfect art desk set-up.  Everything needs to be in the right place... things at my fingertips, easy to find, easy to put away, a big enough space for a large piece of paper or art journal... good light... I am getting close but this space will continue to evolve I am sure!

I think it would be easier if I had just one focus instead of several!  But I do like these little sets of drawers I got from Ikea years ago - perfect for art journal materials and pens.  I still have Humphrey and Bob the Builder has now joined us.  My favourite Robert Gordon Mug was chipped and rather than throwing it out, it makes a great holder for tools.  I love using old glass dishes as containers for paints and various materials - I think all the decorative pieces you can see were bought at Op shops.

I mainly use this space for art journalling, relaxing with a cuppa and doodling,  drawing, and as a place to escape.   I have other areas set-up next to the desk for other activities, and my old french easel.

I am still concerned about the strong Queensland sun coming through onto the desk in the mornings.  However it is the best spot to be on a chilly morning, with a cup of tea!

You can see how I have the video camera positioned.  This took me a while to work out, but it works best for me to have directly in front and pointing down like that.

I love that I look out onto the green hedge.   Gives it a peaceful and secluded feel.   No birds yet visit this spot, so I may add a bird bath and see if that helps.

So, this was a little look into my art space.  Whats yours like?  Do you have a your own desk set-up? Or do you use your lap? Or on the kitchen bench?  I am fascinated by the many variations of where and how we can practise being creative.  Leave a comment below, or share a link to your studio pic if you have one...

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