Rain Fower

 The start of a new altered book page - starts with a blank, unprepared page... then the addition of pastels, which I painted with rubbing alcohol to transform from dusty smudgyness, to painterly colour...

The in-between step I forgot to photograph!  I added more pastel over this base layer, then I lightly dabbed on clear gesso.  This seals the pastel, AND provides a surface with lots of texture and tooth.
I then started working into the basic idea I had of clouds, then a face popped up, then a flower... and this is what come into life...

I used some pastel pencils and mainly prisma colour pencils to work over the clear gesso - the prismas are so soft they just melted into the clear gesso.

I love how the underneath page still floats through to the surface, and the transparent layers, and the colours...the perfect way to spend an hour!


  1. Wonderful page! Looks like a scene from a dream.

  2. Gorgeous, soft, so etherial....dreamy.

  3. thanks so much for your lovely comment! I think that dreamy quality comes with all the transparent layering - it's one of my favourite things to do.

  4. this is so effective Linda! I am using an altered book for my About Me journal, and might try some pastels in there, I like the colour they give to the background. I love the way you've layered it up and the way some of the original text still shows through!

  5. Thanks! And remember you'll need to use something to seal the pastel in - alcohol, clear gesso etc... and a dabbing motion rather than strokes... have fun with your journal!


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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