charcoal reflections

Reflections. Impression of Lauren in Charcoal.
I don't have the words to go with this sketch yet...

Fuzzy photo. dappled light. double exposure. dreamy eyes. stillness. reflective reflections.

A busy day; yet I have found/ been blessed with 2 hours to do this art.  I could keep fiddling.  But I think at this stage I am doing just that... being charcoal, it is forgiving, but yet I could completely kerstuffer it... that's my technical term term for 'over work it'.  Good enough to warrant framing? I don't know. yet. maybe.

Thursday was: wet. cold. rainy. dentist. shopping.  artsy creative. birthday dinner out.

4 hours later... back from dinner out ( yummo Indian), and re-looking at this portrait  I see one eye is slightly smaller than the other.  I've already re-touched one eye lid.  But what I need to ask myself is - does it matter?  Does it resemble the person? Do you get a feel for who they are? Does it speak to the audience?  I can only hope.  I know I'm starting to like what I do.  And that in itself is something.

I've always believed that realism in art is non-essential.   For me, what the art has to say, and what it evokes in the viewer was far more important. 

My realisation for today: reflecting the beauty within is more important than a photo perfect image


  1. Linda, Is this the same sketch as the one in a recent post? Or is this a different work? Just wondering, DJ

  2. Hi DJ - same subject, but new work.

    1. I must say I'm glad, because I love both. They both have a certain attractive "attitude" that comes through this young person.
      Also, I encourage artists to work repeatedly and consecutively on similar subjects or mediums, since it's helped me grow tremendously over the last few years.

  3. As subject is my dear Daughter - I shall be most happy to share that her 'attitude' has shone through - she is known to be most 'forthright'! I totally agree about consecutive works- as I have drawn her several times now, each time the lines of her face become more familiar.


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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