Inspiration board and Art desk organisation ideas

A quick view of another area in my studio. My pinboard - well its really a white board, so I'm using pretty washi tape to 'pin' up ideas, sketches, etc.  Along the front are some 1/2 finished paintings too.  My laptop lives here, and there is a stack of art books waiting to be put away!    I'd really like a proper board I can pin into - maybe covered with cream calico... and nice glass pins...

The art desk... where chaos usually reigns, but this is a rare moment of tidiness so I thought it warranted a quick snap!   I am so lucky to have this space, and  I try and tidy after each project.  

organised: stacked. labelled. sorted. contained. required. useful.

That last one is interesting - what is useful to someone interested in mixed media?  other than everything? I prefer to have things I use all the time right at my fingertips - that way I can save my energy for the actual drawing or painting rather than getting up to find something I want.     For me, out of sight too easily becomes out of mind, and I forget where I put it - or even worse that I even have it.  So I try and keep things really organised where I know where they are, and favourite items are within arms reach at best, or super easy to get to.

The dvd camera is setup ready to record - but at present I'm not doing much in that way as I need a new cable to connect it to the laptop. Plus it takes a long time to edit and upload!  However, I get so much out of watching others create and so appreciate their time  and generosity in sharing, that I will record some more projects - as soon as I get the cable!

simplicity: to have what I regularly use easily accessible. 


  1. The pin-up board is filled with yumminess; that is inspiration to us seekers...
    Hugs, DJ

  2. :-) it was such a crummy iphone pic too - promise to take a better one soon!


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