Pencil and watercolour faces

On my desk tonight - my art journal with a autumn tree and a face that I drew yesterday using watercolour markers. 

I did a second face too.  Tonight I added some pencil over the top, which I rather like...  The first pic is the before photo...

The watercolour markers are fun and easy to use, and you can get lovely watercolour effects ( you just add some water with a wet paintbrush to 'blend' them).   As watercolours go - I think you would be better using real watercolour, but for using in a art journal, or when travelling, or say in front of the TV, these offer a mess free way to add lots of colour, and with an aquabrush you are good to go.  When dry, the addition of colour pencil allows you the freedom to embellish, add more colour, and define.  I like to leave some of the watercolour affects showing through and to work with them to add interest and shadows, highlights etc.    Your art journal pages should handle a small amount of water.   I am thinking off adding some gel transfers over and around this or the other face - so I'll post some updated photos when I get to that!


  1. I love to use markers and water, too. Your faces look great!

  2. ah - they are a work in progress! thanks for dropping by :-)

  3. Lovely tree! One of my favorite things in my art journal is to practice/play and explore different mediums and techniques that I will later us on larger pieces of art. Wonderful work with watercolor markers!


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