Re-energising your creative self

This is my comfy chair and a little cosy spot I have made, just for me.   It's becoming my 'go to' place.   In a corner of my studio space, it is a place I can sit, read, drink tea, or even snooze if I want to.    I can browse through some art books, think about a design, do a simple sketch,  or even hop online using my laptop.   Although I like to 'escape' for a little quiet alone time, someone in the family usually comes to see what I'm up to eventually - which is sometimes nice, and sometimes annoying :-)  But hey, that's O.K and part of being in a family!

As a creative person, I find more and more, I really need this time of solitude.   I feel more energised, more creative, and plain just happier when I get it.  Even if I do nothing more than a simple pencil gesture sketch, and time for a cuppa, it is a re-charge for both myself as a person, and also my art.
By the way - this is one of my fab second hand T.V. chairs that I have been 'collecting' - 1960's vintage, and I love the curvy arms!
What do you do to energise? 


  1. I find a room that no one is in and watch out the window at the trees, birds anything moving around that catches my attention. Your space looks cozy and that's a unique vintage chair.

  2. Hi Mary - dropped by your blog - love the commitment to draw every day!


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