Creative Encouragment Art Class Anyone?

Thought I would put this idea out there and see what happens...

I am contemplating doing another online art course - and there are lots of options!
But having done lots of online art courses myself, and knowing what I liked and disliked :-) here's what I am thinking of...for Miss Linnylou's Creative Art + Journalling Class...

A no nonsense, no fuss online art class ( there won't be 20 mins of me rambling away merrily!)
low/ no cost suggestions for adding spark and interest to your art journal + join me in simplicity and a "no art supply envy allowed" zone
a weekly art demonstration via video
weekly art journal prompt - with tips for those new to art journalling
a place to share your art within the community
how to capture your creative spark
how to bounce your ideas from art journal to a artwork
skills to develop your drawing and hand-eye co-ordination
learn to draw cutsey, girly faces
learn easy techniques to draw accurate faces
abstraction - draw like Picasso, Modigliani, Kandinsky & Klee!
Put in your art lesson request ideas - I'll do my best!
Altered books - how to create an altered book as a special momento as a gift

I have 26 weeks of art skills and art journal prompt ideas... and that's without any requests!  I will only pre-record a few weeks to allow for flexibility and creativity... in otherwords - I'll go with the flow and help you along your journey!  (Warning - I've never attempted oils, but I have a new set just waiting for an excuse to crack open the tube!)

Anyone interested in joining me for a journey of fun, art, creativity, community, journalling, faces, reflection, simplicity?

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