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Hi all! I can see there has been a lot of interest in my 'putting it out there' contemplation of an art class...visitors from all over the world - amazing and welcome to all!

I've had two great questions on the yahoo group...

 "Loved the video of the Go with the Flow pages.. Would the class be like that use of different materials, along with the prompts etc.?" by Janine and,

"Would this be a class for a beginner,beginner? The only thing I know about art is that I like it and want to use it in my journal." by Barbara.

The class, as I think about it, will have 1 short video a week of me demonstrating the creation of a art journal page - as my own response to the weekly prompt. I use a wide variety of styles, techniques, tools etc. It probably won't have voice over - just a fast motion of the creation of the page set to music. It's easier for me that way - and hoenstly when I watch videos I'd rather just watch the flow of the creativity and skip the 'now i'm going to add some...' part - buts that's just me. The 'go with the flow' video was a little shakey because the table was wonky! I have fixed that - it was annoying to have it shake!

The second video will be more specific instruction on a particular skill, idea, or concept. I keep them short an' sweet!

For beginner beginners - yay! We were all beginner beginners once! All you need to bring is your paper, pencil and desire to be a part! Because most of the ideas and skills behind art journalling are not about technical skill, anyone from beginner up is welcome! We will explore and have fun with line, colour, paint, drawing, writing, collage, faces... and anything else that comes along!

 The more technical skills of getting proportion right, drawing faces - are approached in a straightforward matter. So much of the msytery about art can really be broken down to simple steps... but it is where we take it from there - within our own practice, context, desire, emotion, and interpretation that makes it uniquely ours!

 Does that explain things further? Stay tuned as I have a list of ideas that I'll add here this afternoon...

A general list of ideas for content for the skills videos... this is a brainstormed list that is not in any particular order, and is not set in concrete, and which is open for suggestions for content to be added!

1. why art journal? why art?
2. contour drawing. what is gesso and do I need it?
3. adding colour ( pen and pencil, watercolour, acryllic, pen and watercolour, backgrounds etc)
4. gesture drawing
5. faces!
6. faces 2 - adding shading
7. faces 3. details - easy eyes & noses
8. adding collage
9. stream of consciousness - creating from nothing
10. What do I feel?
11. getting proportions right
12. distortion & mess
13. abstraction - line
14. abstraction - colour
15. using gesture and contour
16. cutsey faces 1
17. altered books - using art journal skills to alter a small book to create a momento / memory book
18. cont.
19. using repetition for affect
20. shading and texture
21. taking photos for inspiration & manipulating
22. sketching with line and pen
23. using the library - a fab free resource
24. Child like
25. Cutsey faces 2.
26. Celebrations

.... any other ideas you like to see added to the list?

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