Decision time following survey

So, I had to make a decision.  Firstly thanks to everyone who is visiting here.  I can see lots of people dropping by!

For the two who posted a comment regarding my class survey - also a huge thankyou!  I put 2 numbers in a hat and drew one out - 1 being for the 1st comment posted, and yep a 2 for the second comment posted - highly technical I know!  The winner was Treena and family - I will contact you via email to arrange to send you a small altered page as promised!

So back to the decision - to do an art class or not?  I've decided not at this point.    Although creating an art class is so very rewarding, I think I'm ready for a little solitude and reflection -  a bigger commitment to working on my own art for the next term is where my heart is.    I don't plan too far ahead though, and so I totally leave my options open for after that!    I will get around to updating the links and info for the Art Basics class ( open for self guided study) real soon anyways!


  1. Winter is a much better time for classes anyway, we all stay indoors more.

  2. surely - where I am it IS winter!

  3. Nice painting, very gutsy and lots of energy.

  4. thanks! I think all that energy came from lots of loud music and a glass of wine :-) !


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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