A place not just a space

A night spent sorting my art supplies (an on going project), and drawing and playing with mixed media... I found an old box of compressed charcoal and later did this sketch with it and some pastel.

I have a goal of sorting and organising my art supplies and finding a home for everything.    The studio currently has about half the space wasted with 'stuff' still to be sorted, given away or sold... things of our life that don't have a home in our new house, things we've outgrown, or stopped needing, or don't use.    Beyond getting rid of the excess, and putting things away however, I don't want this room to be just a 'space' that has 'stuff' - creative or otherwise.  I want it to be a place.   A space just is.  It occurs, but has no further meaning beyond just existing.  I want this room (O.K. read garage - but it has great potential!), to have meaning and purpose, and to be a place. A creative place.
A place to share.
A place to be.
A place to breathe.
A place to create.

So that gets me thinking - what makes a space into a place?
What would make your creative 'space' a 'place'?

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