work in progress - secret code

Untitled. Charcoal & pastel on tinted paper. 2012
A work in progress, and number four in a series of works from same inspiration.

I was sooooo scared of working on a tinted background support.  But now I find I really, really like it. Really.
And don't you love how artists can get away with saying, 'work in progress' - almost like its code for 'well, I'm not sure yet if this is finished or not!' - well it is my code anyways!  I almost want to take the intense orange right to the head, and I just as equally don't... so it will have to sit there for a week while I see what develops!


  1. wow, great portrait - wonderful textures and the intensity of the expression is great.

  2. thanks! and yet she is still sitting here while I try and decide whether she's 'finished' or not!


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