endings, beginnings and a survey!

There are 2 1/2 weeks until I am officially unemployed.  Teaching reading intervention for a short couple of hours a day has been very, very rewarding, and I will be very sad to finish.  But the contract is finishing.   The downside is of course the reduced income.  The upside is I will be able to devote more time to the things I love to do: more sourdough breads, planning the new vege garden, finally being able to finish unpacking after the move, and of course seriously focusing on being creative.  I have heard it said, 'well you just have to fit art in around your work', and I guess many do just that - but it is hard work trying to do it all!

So I guess that is what sparked the idea of thinking about, possibly, offering a new art course.  Oh and course I was asked!  But, seriously, I have to ask myself is it worth it?  I know I enjoy doing that sort of thing.   But it does require many, many hours of editing, and creating the video, and uploading, and setting up the web pages... yawn, yawn... but you get the idea.

so - here's an idea for you all - lets do a survey.   Yes this is a cheats way.  I want to test the waters before committing - is that O.K?  Everyone who leaves a answer to the question below in the comments section of this post goes into the draw for an original altered book page with one of my drawings on it :-)

The question to answer is:

Would you pay $75 for a 6 month long, online Miss Linnylou's Art + Journalling course - like what I've described?

Love to hear your feedback!  The bottom line is - if I get an amazing response then this is a goer and I devote 100% of my time in the studio- with a camera running!  If I get 10 yeah, maybe's - then I'm free to devote 100% of my time in the studio - a win-win for me!

Survey closes Friday 8th June - just leave your answer & feedback in the comments below to go into the draw!

Hope everyone's having a art filled week!

*** update:  Draw will take place today (Sun) - and update on results to follow tomorrow!! ***


  1. Although I love you work and would benefit from classes I'm afraid I would have to say no to a 6 month course for $75. The price is right but it's just too long of a commitment and I most likely would not be able to follow through. I am more likely to sign up for something lasting 4 to 8 weeks even if the pricing is the same or just a bit less.

  2. Hi Shelley - thanks! That is interesting and good to know! I have seen year long courses and wondered myself about my own staying power :-)

  3. Hi Linda,

    We would be interested; 6 mnth time frame works for us. Would you be offering a family price again for this or just $75 for individuals.


    Treena, Jemma, Jai and Ellie

  4. Hi Treena & family!
    Thanks! To answer you - would be flat pricing - the more the merrier for you - if the four of you sit around to watch and create - that's fab :-)


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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