Not a life on repeat

Raam Dev, 2012

I love this quote I share from Raam - more on this further down.

Some of the things I love...

Taking over the double garage to set-up art, painting, and sewing areas...

crystal and glass containers...

recycling an old massage table into a printer and scanner workstation...


pinning altered pages swaps, random, vintage and found objects on the newly created pinboard...

collecting gumnuts, and feathers...

I have spent the past several days sorting, re-organising, and re-arranging the 'stuff' in the double garage.  It is now mostly the way I want it - but things never stay the same do they?  I have loved supplies within arms reach, space to spread out, nice natural lighting from the window, the easel in a prime location, and even the sewing table and ironing board is all ready to go! 

It's not perfect: the rollar doors let dust and the northerly winds blow straight through, with only one window half the space is a little dark, the floor is painted concrete, and has a slight slope!   But what it lacks it makes up with by being almost 36m squared of space that we can now all use to be creative without fear of making a mess, it has easy access to water for cleanup, and I am still within coo-ee distance of the family.

Actually I have made this room so nice and inviting, when I come in here to work ( or escape) they usually follow me :-)

But sometimes I feel a twinge of guilt.  All this space is just for me?  All my art, and paints, and quilting, and altered books - all just for me? ( well I do sometimes allow the family to visit - but you understand, primarily this is for me). 

But back to Raam's quote.  It would be normal to have the car in the garage, and not an art studio.  That would be conventional.  Normal.  But because I don't want to live a life on repeat, and because I would rather live a life richly filled with color and creativity, risk and extravagance, I choose that over convention (or guilt).


  1. Maybe somewhere down the line you could convert the roll up door to french doors, I've seen pictures on the internet. Everyone deserves to live a life with quality.

    1. Hi Mary,
      yes we have plans to convert the roller doors - when we can afford it! And unfortunately french doors are rather pricey here in Australia - but while we do other renovations ( the house desperately needs the 15+ year old carpet ripped out!) I can research options!
      Your thought about living a life with quality is intriguing...

  2. It's much better to let your house adapt to you than the other way around. I live alone and my master bedroom is now my main studio. Downstairs the dining table is a journaling station and a very small bedroom is a sewing room. The small space between bedrooms is now where my big easel stands and I can tape big papers to the wall there. My only aim is to turn my entire house into a very comfortable art studio. I love that I can do that. A car would never enjoy your garage as much as you would! Seems wonderful to have so much space and well...it is! Enjoy!

    1. Hi Caatje,
      I love the pics of your house you have posted on your blog! Yes of course we should adapt our houses to suit us - and it is something we have always done ( converting the garage in our previous house for eldest son to have more space etc). I do enjoy the space & it is wonderful!


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