I wish...

Do you ever wish something would happen?

...that you could fly away on a heart shaped balloon to somewhere special?

...with lilac skies and sunsets,  way above the noise of the city?


I wish!

"I wish..." 12 x 12" approx. mixed media on board (acrylic, texture, pencil, paper, linen). 2012. $160

The sixth painting I've done now using vintage linen doilys, and the heart shapaed balloon motifs are just too cute!  I only have 2 more pieces of this embroidery left, so it must be time to go op shopping again.  However, finding nice, vintage examples of doilys, and lace, is getting harder and harder, and more and more pricey! 

Did you know - if you click on an image - you go to a larger gallery view - try it!

Updates on the studio: I sold another painting on the weekend - yay!  The cats still prefer to sleep on top on my drawing desk, and drink from the still clean water pot on my desk; I have plans to re-arrange things (again) as the sun coming through the window is too bright (eastern sun) - or maybe just get some curtains to cut the sun in the morning; There are 2 paintings in progress, and plans for at least another 3 large, as well as a multitude of ideas; I have a list of art supplies I need, for the next time I'm near an art shop.

My wish: for more time!  What's yours?

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