Sunday sketching, lazing, and holiday plans

So here I am a lazy Sunday afternoon, and the second day of the school holidays.
It is hot, and humid.  Real summer weather - and its only spring!
Already we have plan, with a touch of military precision, to allow us to achieve all goods things
these holidays, including:
1. Taking eldest daughter to and from work ( really must point her to the bus timetable)
2. taking above daughter to university music auditions
3. Oh, and taking her to music rehearsals with the accompianist.  

( Who, by the way, charge an absolute fortune - $60 for 45 mins for each rehearsal, and each of the two auditions are $70 each!!  Like - all she does is play the piano for 20 mins, albeit all due credit given, she does play very well, and it is a high level and all, but sheesh - I could by a really nice Lorna Jane outfit with that kinda cash, and still have change!)

The other FUN things we have planned include...
4. visiting the Prado exhibition at the Art Gallery
5. The planetarium at the Botanical Gardens
6. a day trip to the  coast and a visit to Maleny (the Mountains), and Noosa (Beach) to see my Dad
7. Another yet to be determined day trip - maybe Stanthorpe? (the wineries) 
We might even stay overnight... don't get me started on accommodation!
8. maybe the movies
9. I have had a request to play a board game - doesn't mean I will 
( I get bored, playing board games)
10. And a shopping trip to Indoroopilly ( a mega huge shopping centre)
11. Footy Final is one Sunday afternoon - gotta keep 
the Man happy!
12.  A BBQ with friends
13. A visit from Grandad

And all I'd really like to do is:

go to the gym
water the seedlings

I'm easily pleased - really I am!

These little watercolour sketches were done with a black pen, and wash over the top. 
Things I discovered whilst attempting these:
It is really hard to draw when you have just walked really fast for 20 mins!
I need to find another park - I keep drawing the same trees!

How was your Sunday? Enjoy :-)


  1. I know what you mean. I am easily pleased too, but you have got a very long list of holiday plans...you will enjoy doing them. Your trees are lovely...reminds me of blissful solitude.

    1. oooh blissful solitude - sounds lovely! at least for a day :-)

  2. I drive my oldest back and forth to work too. The gas plus time getting to them and driving back alone sucks but I bet you agree the time with them in the car is fun.

    1. yes! - plus I get acquainted with their current music choices!

  3. Lovely watercolour sketches! You sure have a lot planned this holiday! Have fun and don't forget to paint ;-)

  4. Wonderful paintings, Linda. Especially LOVE the first tree.

  5. Hi Denthe and Alexandra - thanks for dropping by, love your comments! And I think I had better add painting to the list!

  6. Linda... you are in Brissie???? I am over on the Bayside but I am assuming you are the other side if you are going to Indoroopilly... we are having very similar breaks I think... hope you get some time to paint in all that business...xx

  7. Hi Tracey - Yes Brissie! I'm Bayside... Viccy Pt :-) The ONLY reason we are going to Indoorpilly is because we are already there for Music Auditions at the Uni that day!!

  8. I am surprised there is a fee to audition! Good luck with your plans and enjoy your holiday! We're going into fall here and I'm going off to rake some leaves:) enjoy your spring weather!

    1. haha - not much is free these days! we don't really get much of a fall here,so I've never raked leaves - ever!

  9. I like your plans, especially if it's going to be hot! Great sketches.


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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