Oil painting tidal mudflats & brunch

I love to go down by the bay, and see whats happening there.  

Boats on the water
kids playing with a ball
wind surfers
old folks walking their dogs
children in the park
my hair blown by the onshore breeze

The tide goes out, leaving a lovely expanse of tidal flats
some parts with silty mud
some with more sand
....and a small stretch of fine yellow sand...

Boats anchored close to shore sit and wait patiently for the tide to come back 
and lift them 
afloat again

meanwhile passers by, usually small children, scamper blithely past, oblivious to their plight

The tidal mudflats, some think they are boring
but -  so much to see
to explore...

Waiting for the tide.  Oil on board.  26th September, 2012

Meanwhile - back in the studio.  Having just got back in from a lovely brunch out with a friend, I am now about to tidy the studio.  How did things get sooo messy in there?  Also my dear moggies, otherwise known as 'the psycho cats', after their twice daily mad chasing each other around the house episodes, have taken to using my art desk as a shortcut - so I need to rearrange things for my art supply safety!

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Love your comments! :-)


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous - love that red colour in the mudflats, not boring at all! x

  2. Hi jennifer - thanks! I did take some poetic licence with the colour - but browny brown is a little boring afterall! :-)

  3. What wonderful pictures and I completely love the way you took me along with your words, very cleverly done. I love to be by the beach.
    I hope your art supplies are now safely away from crazy puddy's :0)

    1. i'm glad you ejoyed the journey! And yes, almost sorted - I'll have to take pics and share the 'new' look and 'safe' studio!

  4. The colors of your beach are beautiful. Your picture seems to have the very special light you only can find at the beach.

  5. These colours are magnificent!! So, too, your unfolding of the story.

    I am just Now working on a paint painting [as opposed to my painting with paper painting] and want to capture a sort of layerness that is much like what you've treated us to above.

    Thank you for inspiring me. I often look at other "paint" paintings when I am wanting to paint BEcause, for me, it's a whole other World painting with paint than with paper.


    1. Dear Currie,
      Thanks for your beauteous, generous, comment! If in any way you are inspired to paint and be creative by my little efforts, I am blessed in return.
      It may help you to know what colours I used...but that will have to wait a bit as I can't remember! So I will have to go and see what colours are on the palette and write about that later on!
      Have an INspired, BEautiful day :-P

  6. I love your prose and your young child running by. Very neat showing motion.

  7. A beautifully magical atmospheric painting Linda,
    The colours are worked to perfection...such an inspiring talent :D
    I've just spent a few days at the beach where there's always so much to see ...it makes you breathe in the beauty!
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing your work.

  8. Hi Neesie! Thanks so much! THe beach is wonderful I totally agree. I love your zentangled flowers - brilliant design! Thanks for stopping by :-)

  9. We live a few minutes from tidal mudflats also and I love seeing the colours change and the ebb and flow of the water... you have captured it perfectly...xx


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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