Thoughtful rant

thoughtful rant alert.

Does a text message count? Does it really convey the right message? Does it mean anything?
I guess that depends on what is sent, and when it is sent, by whom, to whom etc etc.
For instance, does a 'happy birthday' sent after dinner, on someones birthday - really convey a sense of best birthday wishes, I love you, and hope you have a great day - when the day is almost over? The same could be said of any occasion. 

Whatever happened to buying a $2 card and posting it? Nope.  Forget about a thoughtfully (or even unthoughtful) purchased and wrapped gift.  Or a phone call.  Or heaven forbid an invitation to visit, go out for a coffee, or a movie.  Nope.  Too many live their lives within a 2" x2" screen, and think a hastily sent 'happy fathers day',  or 'happy birthday' sent after dinner, means something.  Yes it has meaning - it shows a lot, but maybe not what you think, or possibly even intend.

So I went looking for sms ettiquete - maybe it's socially acceptable now, but I wondered acceptable by whom? Instant communication has uses, but also negatives. I found this that I thought was worth sharing,
"Accurate emotional connection relies on facial expression, voice intonation, body language, and the sharing of metaphysical energy. The reading of emotions, even when face-to-face, requires practice and frequent checking to see if what your partner actually heard was you meant him or her to know. Without that feedback, misunderstandings multiply exponentially, and assumptions can become truths before they are truly examined." (http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/rediscovering-love/201102/can-text-messages-damage-intimate-communication)

The next time you go to send a text message, or facebook post... maybe think about what it is you can't convey in 15 characters, and what you are both missing out on - that is a real relationship.
end thoughtful rant.

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