By Jove It's Christmas, Cards and wot not

When the call came that Reverse Garbage are holding another exhibition, this time for Christmas  called the  Festive Collective, I knew I wanted to do something.
The one catch? All the items must be mostly from recycled, reclaimed materials.
I love the challenge of using recycled things in my art... and that is part of how my Vintage lace and linen girls came about.

But what was I going to make that would be suitable for Festive Collective?
Then I spied a stack of old Joy Of Knowledge encyclopedias...you know the sort of thing 
mixed media, ephemera junkies, or paper artists buy at the op shop.  A stack for $1, and they've sat on my shelf ever since, knowing that ONE DAY I would have a use for them!

So,  I got to wondering, and this is what I've come up with ...
These cards are TOTALLY made from the paper, and images cut, glued and painted, from the Joy of Knowledge encyclopedia's...
two layers of the paper are glued, and trimmed to make the 'card'...

Once of my favourites!  'By Jove' Christmas card from recycled ephemera. Come see more!
Then images from the encyclopedia were carefully selected at random, trimmed to perfection, 
and lovingly glued!
 some, like this one above, have a watercolour 'tinting' added  (Happy PPF!  (Paint Party Friday)

 most of them have a quirky caption...


 I currently have a rowing collection of these - they were rather addictive to make.  I think at last count there are 16 completed cards, and a stack of others in various stages of completion.

Oh, and yes I am making prints to sell - they are too cute, and I want some too!
(this link will take you to the shop!)

If anyone was wondering - I've been off sick with a lovely 24hour explosive flu/cold/thing...
but luckily it does seem to be only 24 hours - weirdly  intense while it lasted - hence I've missed Illustration Friday & Sunday Sketching, AND my lateness in this post too :-)

I have set myself a task to see what else creative, painterly, or collagey, I can make using this
(now shrinking) stack of paper!  I'm thinking some old brown cardboard might be in order, some acrylic paint, and a brayer...

Happy PPF!  (Paint Party Friday)
Love your comments!


  1. What fun cards! Very creative.

    BTW Did you know you still have word verification on? It makes it very difficult for people to comment...

  2. Funny! I really like the first one.

    1. They were fun to make too! Glad you like them - that knight one is my fav too!! :-)

  3. Hi Eva - thanks! RE: word verification: no I didn't know, thanks for the heads up! I Have removed word verification - we'll see if spam becomes an issue.

  4. So fun!! These are wonderfully creative!! Genius!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Very creative. Love it when a new way to be creative is shared. Thanks.


I love your comments! I read them all, and I will do my best to reply to you here! xo L.

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